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 = Icelandic developer receives Nordic Free Software Award =

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Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson, Free Software developer and community
builder from Iceland, has received the Nordic Free Software Award.

This annual prize was awarded on Saturday by Föreningen för Fri Kultur
och Programvara and Free Software Foundation Europe at the Free
Software Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS) which took place in
Gothenburg, Sweden this weekend.

Einarsson has been a leading figure in Iceland's Free Software
movement for more than a decade. He has been driving the country's
Free Software and free culture community, founding and participating
in various groups such as Vinix, contributing to the KDE project, and
starting netverjar.is, an organisation fighting for civil rights on
the Internet.

"Without Bjarni, Iceland's Free Software community wouldn't be what it
is today," says Karsten Gerloff, President of the Free Software
Foundation Europe. "People like Bjarni are the lifeblood of our
community. I'm very glad to see his work recognised in this way."

Bjarni has advocated the use of Free Software by maintaining and
distributing CDs with a free operating system, both translating and
developing Free Software for several years.

"The Nordic Free Software Award is special because it's a recognition
from your peers," comments 2009 award recipient, the Swedish Free
Software developer Daniel Stehnberg. "It means having your work
appreciated by people who understand what you have achieved."

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Föreningen för Fri Kultur och Programvara

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