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== Open Standards in Europe: FSFE puts facts against BSA's fictions ==

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18 October 2010, 12:30, Berlin, Germany

On Friday FSFE sent a letter to the European Commission to support
Open Standards and interoperability. In the drawn-out battle to retain
at least a weak recommendation for Open Standards in the revised
European Interoperability Framework, FSFE has countered a leaked
letter by the lobby group Business Software Alliance with its own
thorough analysis of the relation between standards and patents.

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) is pressuring the European
Commission to remove the last vestiges of support for Open Standards
from the latest version of the EU's interoperability recommendations,
the European Interoperability Framework.

"We trust that the European Commission won't be swayed by such a blunt
attempt to capture the European Software market for a single interest
group", says Karsten Gerloff, President of the Free Software
Foundation Europe. "The BSA's letter to the Commission doesn't even
represent a consensus among the group's own members".

Open Standards, which can be implemented in Free Software, are key to
interoperability in Europe. FSFE on Thursday obtained a copy of a
letter sent to the Commission by the BSA, analysed the BSA's claims,
and made both the analysis and the BSA's letter available on its

The leaked Business Software Alliance letter to the European Commission:

Letter of analysis sent by FSFE to the Commission in response:

Our analysis of the BSA's letter on-line:

Open Standards:

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Free Software Foundation Europe
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Karsten Gerloff, President


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