[FSFE PR][EN] GPL-Violations.org and FSFE's Freedom Task Force to work more closely together

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Tue May 27 13:06:33 CEST 2008

GPL-Violations.org and FSFE's Freedom Task Force to work more closely together

Coordinators of the FSFE Freedom Task Force (FTF) and GPL-Violations.org
recently met in Berlin to discuss future cooperation.  The two organisations
have agreed to deepen their partnership, building on their combined work
since the launch of the FTF in October 2006.

GPL-Violations.org will be pro-actively working on cases and seeking
resolutions where violations occur.  The FTF will continue and expand
its educational and networking activities to ensure awareness of best
practice and help support people with their use of the licences.

"Since GPL-Violations.org was launched the software market in Europe has
changed significantly," states Harald Welte, founder of GPL-Violations.org.
"It is a clear, legal fact that distributing Free Software means people
must comply with the licences.  GPL-Violations.org and the FTF are now
building the long-term legal infrastructure for support and compliance."

Key outcomes of the new arrangement between the FTF and GPL-Violations.org
include an agreement that GPL-Violations.org will assist the FTF in 
getting a second full-time staff member.  This will help the FTF to
deliver services such as answering common licensing questions, offering
training and consultancy, resolving licensing issues, helping projects 
consolidate copyright and acting as a legal guardian for fiduciary
programme members.

"GPL-Violations.org has been critical in building understanding of 
licensing in Europe, and it has also been critical in the development
of the FTF," say Shane Coughlan, FTF Coordinator.  "I believe our new
agreement will help ensure sustainability for legal infrastructure to
support Free Software in Europe."

"The key thing now is to look to the future.  The FTF facilitates a
European Legal Network with coverage of seventeen European countries
and over 100 members.  I'd like to encourage European businesses and
projects with legal counsel, or individual lawyers, to join this
network.  It provides an excellent forum for sharing knowledge about 
legal aspects of Free Software licensing and making new contacts."

The Freedom Task Force can be found at http://www.fsfeurope.org/ftf/
The Freedom Task Force can be emailed at ftf at fsfeurope.org

About the Free Software Foundation Europe:

   The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is a non-profit
   non-governmental organisation active in many European countries and
   involved in many global activities. Access to software determines
   participation in a digital society. To secure equal participation in the
   information age, as well as freedom of competition, the Free Software
   Foundation Europe (FSFE) pursues and is dedicated to the furthering of
   Free Software, defined by the freedoms to use, study, modify and copy.
   Founded in 2001, creating awareness for these issues, securing Free
   Software politically and legally, and giving people Freedom by
   supporting development of Free Software are central issues of the FSFE.


   You can reach the FSFE switchboard from:
    Belgium:     +32 2 747 03 57 ext 408
    Germany:     +49 700 373 38 76 73 ext 408
    Sweden:      +46 31 7802160 ext 408
    Switzerland: +41 43 500 03 66 ext 408
    UK:          +44 29 200 08 17 7 ext 408 

   Shane Coughlan, FTF Coordinator,  FSFE extension: 408

   Further information: http://fsfeurope.org

About gpl-violations.org

   In the past 30 months, gpl-violations.org has helped uncover and
   negotiate more than 100 GPL violations and has obtained numerous
   out-of-court settlement agreements. The gpl-violations.org project is a
   not-for-profit effort to bring commercial users and vendors of Free
   Software into compliance with the license conditions as set forth by the
   original authors.  The project was founded and is managed by Mr. Harald
   Welte, a Linux Kernel developer and Free Software enthusiast.

   For more information on the project, its mission, milestones and goals,
   please see http://gpl-violations.org/

Media contact:

   Harald Welte
   Email: laforge at gpl-violations.org

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