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Fri Sep 8 13:37:02 CEST 2006

1. Moving forward in the GPLv3 public consultation process
2. SELF project issues call for material
3. New office in Sweden
4. School of Art and Design Zürich donates hosting services to FSFE
5. Giacomo Poderi ends his internship
6. Alex Antener joins the core team

1. Moving forward in the GPLv3 public consultation process

On 23 and 24 August, the 4th international GPLv3 conference took place
in Bangalore, India. The event was organised by FSFE's sister
organisation, the Free Software Foundation India, and FSFE helped the
organisers by sharing their experiences from the 3rd conference in

Regarding Europe, the FSFE still keeps a high level of public appearance
to inform people about the essence and the backgrounds of the proposed
changes in GPLv3. Most notably, Jonas Öberg presented the GPLv3 at one
of the regular meetings of Dataföreningen, the Swedish computer
association, and Ciarán O'Riordan did a presentation at the Danish Unix
User Group DKUUG.


2. SELF project issues call for material

SELF (Science Education and Learning in Freedom), an EU funded project
to create and collect educational material about Free Software and open
standards, issued a call for material. Everybody who knows of existing
material that might be interesting to the SELF project is encouraged to
register it online so that it can be evaluated and considered for the
SELF platform.


3. New office in Sweden

Thanks to a cooperation with the Göteborg University, the FSFE has been
able to start an office in Sweden. This will help the FSFE to build up an
even stronger presence in the nordic region and give the volunteers and
employees of the FSFE in Sweden a permanent place to work from.

4. School of Art and Design Zürich provides home for new FSFE server

The School of Art and Design Zürich (HGKZ, "Hochschule für Gestaltung
und Kunst Zürich") supports the FSFE by donating rack space and
bandwidth for a new server. This is an important and valuable
contribution to FSFE, which took the summer break opportunity to further
consolidate and improve its server infrastructure.

5. Giacomo Poderi ends his internship

August was the last month of Giacomo Poderi's internship. The FSFE
thanks him for his valuable and reliable work. Giacomo found his
internship a really formative experience, where he also got the chance
of seeing how a lively and active organization like FSFE works to try
ensuring that rights in the 'digital age' are not disregarded. He
remains an active member of the FSFE and will continue to contribute in
the Italian team.

6. Alex Antener joins the core team

Alex Antener from Zürich joined the FSFE core team as the first Swiss
member. The focus of his work with FSFE is building up a strong team
to support Free Software in Switzerland, in cooperation with FSFE's
associate organisations. Having attended a school of arts rather than a
technical school, he also aims to provide a bridge between Free Software
issues on the one side and education and culture on the other.

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