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FKF and FSFE teaming up: FKF official associate organisation of FSF Europe

14 February 2006
The Free Knowledge Foundation / Fundación Conocimiento Libre (FKF) and
Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) are proud to announce their new
official associate status, working together for the promotion and
protection of Free Software in Spain.

Following a decision at the last foundation board meeting of FKF to
co-operate more closely with FSF Europe, as well as a decision by the
members of the FSFE Team, both organisations are delighted to announce
their official co-operation. The FKF is the first associate organisation
of the FSFE in Spain, a country with a strong Free Software community.
"Our adversaries are usually multi-national groups, funded heavily by
multi-national companies. If we are to defend Free Software and all
that is related to it against their encroachments, then we need to be
equally present," explains Georg Greve, President of Free Software
Foundation Europe.  "That is why FSFE started out as a multi-national
organisation from the outset, building teams across cultural and
language barriers to work together to further Free Software. We are very
happy to welcome another group to our large family."
"While we are focused on Free Knowledge, Free Software, Free Standards
and Intellectual Wealth dissemination, Free Software is at the centre
of our work, as the initiating and inspiring phenomenon of this new
way of understanding knowledge.", says Pablo Machón, President of
FKF. "The FSFE has always been an inspiration for our work. Becoming
an associated organisation of FSFE is, thus, a natural consequence of
sharing ideals, a long-term vocation, and working together towards
the same goal."

About the Free Knowledge Foundation (FKF)

   The Free Knowledge Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in
   Spain and focused on Free Knowledge, Free Software, Free Standards
   and Intellectual Wealth dissemination. The FKF promotes the concept
   of knowledge as being publicly and freely accessible for both usage
   and contribution.


About the Free Software Foundation Europe

   The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSF Europe) is a charitable
   non-governmental organisation dedicated to all aspects of Free
   Software in Europe. Access to software determines who may participate
   in a digital society. Therefore the freedoms to use, copy, modify and
   redistribute software - as described in the Free Software definition -
   allow equal participation in the information age. Creating awareness
   of these issues, securing Free Software politically and legally, and
   giving people freedom by supporting development of Free Software are
   central issues of the FSF Europe, which was founded in 2001 as the
   European sister organisation of the Free Software Foundation in the
   United States.



   FSF Europe:
        Georg C. F. Greve   <greve at fsfeurope.org>
        phone: +49-40-23809080
        fax:   +49-40-23809081
        Pablo Machón <pablo at libre.org>
        phone / fax: +34 91 8445346

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