[FSFE PR][EN] FSFE files application for leave to intervene in antitrust suit against Microsoft

Joachim Jakobs press at fsfeurope.org
Wed Nov 23 15:57:06 CET 2005

FSFE files application for leave to intervene in antitrust suit against 

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) today filed an application
for leave to intervene in the antitrust suit against Microsoft. Georg
Greve, President of FSFE said: "The more Microsoft is able to purchase
its opponents' solidarity, the more important FSFE's commitment to
freedom and interoperability is."

According to Greve, FSFE meets Microsoft and other adversaries of
freedom in various venues these days: "Yesterday there was a hearing
in Brussels regarding the 'Intellectual Property Rights European
Enforcement Directive' (IPRED2) - a directive pushed by the
rights-holding industry to raise the barriers around their
distribution monopolies. Last week we discovered how Microsoft was
able to rewrite the Vienna Conclusions on ICT and Creativity for the
World Summit on Information Society (WSIS). Earlier this summer we
helped save Europe from the serious troubles caused by software

He continues: "All these initiatives aim at limiting the freedom of
software developers and normal people in their everyday life
alike. But many people don't realise how their freedom is being
threatened. If they want to keep it, they need to stand up and defend
it. One way of doing that is by joining The Fellowship of FSFE today,
and by encouraging others to join."

About the Free Software Foundation Europe:

 The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), founded 2001, is a
 charitable non-governmental organisation dedicated to all aspects of
 Free Software in Europe. Access to software determines who may
 participate in a digital society. The the Freedoms to use, copy,
 modify and redistribute software - as described in the Free Software
 definition - allow equal participation in the information
 age. Creating awareness for these issues, securing Free Software
 politically and legally, and giving people Freedom by supporting
 development of Free Software are central issues of the FSFE. Further
 information about FSFE's work can be found at http://fsfeurope.org,
 get active yourself at http://fsfeurope.org/contribute/.

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