[FSFE PR][EN] First South Tyrolean Free Software Conference enriches Linux Day in 2004

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Tue Nov 23 16:01:40 CET 2004

First South Tyrolean Free Software Conference enriches Linux Day in 2004

The predominant German speaking Italian province South Tyrol serves as a
bridge between Germany and Italy in a number of aspects. Just as with
Free Software.

As Free Software becomes even more important in South Tyrol, the
GNU/Linux User Group Bozen/Bolzano/Bulsan [1] has developed the
traditional Linux Day into the three day South Tyrolean Free Software
Conference (26.-28.11.2004). The Program is varied and even adresses
people outside of the classic target groups, e.g. with the first South
Tyrolean author meeting of the free encyclopaedia Wikipedia. A typical
South Tyrolean highlight hides behind the title "Linux and Art" - alpine
wood carvings which are brought to live by GNU/Linux based computers as
the "bodyguard", "he" looks after the visitor sceptically.

The Free Software Conference is supported by the Debian project and the
Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE): Their members will give three
different lectures: Werner Koch will speak about "Privacy and encryption
techniques", Alessandro Rubini will present "Free Software in teaching"
and gives an "Introduction to kernel programming". 

The Presentations will be made in German and Italian. The entrance is
free. Accommodation can be found at [3].

[1] www.LUGBZ.org
[2] www.SFScon.it
[3] www.suedtirolerland.it

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