[FSFE PR][EN] First hearing in the Microsoft Vs EC antitrust case

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Fri Oct 1 11:58:26 CEST 2004

The first part of the hearing in the appeal procedure by Microsoft Vs
the EC has finished yesterday at 12.30pm. The Court heard from Jeremy
Allison, introduced by Carlo Piana from the Milan-based Tamos & Piana
law firm, on behalf of the Free Software Foundation Europe.

Allison's intervention has been very clear: Microsoft has worked
closely with the Samba Team in the past to achieve interoperability
between Windows systems and other operating system (including
GNU/Linux).  "The SAMBA team and the FSFE are simply asking for the EC
to protect European consumers and to re-establish collaboration towards
a free and competitive market", says Stefano Maffulli, Chancellor of the
Italian Chapter of the FSFE. Moreover: "Neither the SAMBA Team, nor the
FSFE (which is representing SAMBA interests in the hearing), have ever
asked to see any part of Microsoft's source code. All that European
consumers need is to know the communication standards (protocols) used
by Microsoft Windows systems to implement their network services. This
is in order to allow non-Windows computer systems to interoperate with
Microsoft Windows systems."

The full text of the intervention is available by request; just write

        press-it at fsfeurope.org

The text will be soon made available on the FSFE website:


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