[FSFE PR][EN] "Free Software Foundation Europe aiming for more coordination between Free Software Developers."

Georg C. F. Greve greve at gnu.org
Mon May 7 20:06:23 CEST 2001

Press-release of the Free Software Foundation Europe
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"Free Software Foundation Europe aiming for more coordination 
between Free Software Developers." 

(Essen) On May 6th 2001, the first general assembly of the Free
Software Foundation Europe took place at the Villa Vogelsang in Essen,
Germany. It was the first meeting of the members of the recently
founded sister organisation of the FSF (Boston,USA).  Representatives
from France, Germany and Sweden agreed on future areas of engagement
for the FSFE.

"Coordinating Free Software based organisations and establishing local
chapters throughout Europe is one of our primary long-term goals." says
Georg C. F. Greve, President of the FSF Europe. "So is beginning our work
as a competence center for Free Software, aimed primarily at journalists
and politicians who will be able to find authoritative information about
Free Software from the Foundation."

Most Free Software is released under the license of the Free Software
Foundation, the GNU General Public License. One of the first
projects will be to harmonize it better with local European laws in
order to keep up with current changes and developments.

The Foundation will also further Free Software in the educational
sector where it will seek to coordinate and strengthen efforts 
by organizations and individuals dedicated to that task. 

At the same date, the first general assembly of the FSF Europe -
Chapter Germany has taken place. 

"We want the advantages of Free Software to be known to almost everybody
in Germany. German developers are already playing a major role as
contributors to the GNU project and Free Software in general."
says Bernhard Reiter, German chancellor of the FSF Europe.
"The FSFE will help to leverage these efforts on a european level 
and make sure that we it will stay legal to develop Free Software for
all needs."

About the FSF Europe:

The Free Software Foundation Europe is the sister organization of the
Free Software Foundation created 1984 by Richard M. Stallman in the
United States of America. 

Main purpose of the FSF Europe is to coordinate Free Software
initiatives throughout Europe, to provide a Free Software
competence-center for politicians and journalists and to provide
infrastructure for Free Software projects and especially the GNU

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