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Tue Apr 24 02:10:28 CEST 2001

Press-release of the Free Software Foundation Europe
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"First general assembly of the Free Software Foundation Europe"

(Hamburg/Essen) On May 6th 2001, the first general assembly of the
Free Software Foundation Europe will take place at the Villa Vogelsang
in Essen, Germany. This old villa, formerly property of a factory
owner, has evolved into the "Center for GNU/Linux and Free Software"
over the two last years and the FSF Europe will set up their first
office there.

"We are very glad that our sponsors show such an interest in Free
Software that they enable us to set up a working office with their
continuous donations", says Dr. Peter Gerwinski, the FSF Europe's Head
of Office.

In order to present the team members and the location of the office to
the public and the press, an informal get-together is scheduled at the
Villa Vogelsang. At 17:00, the members of the FSF Europe will be
available for photos and short interviews. From 19:00 on the event
will be open to the public. A short note would be appreciated from
everyone who is planning to attend.

"This is our first general assembly and many things are still very new
for us and the people we work with, so we want to give everyone the
chance to seize the opportunity of having so many of us in one
place.", says Georg C. F. Greve. "By keeping it a little informal we
hope that it will allow a more relaxed atmosphere in which people can
get to know us."

About the FSF Europe:

The Free Software Foundation Europe is the sister organization of the
Free Software Foundation created 1984 by Richard M. Stallman in the
United States of America. 

Main purpose of the FSF Europe is to coordinate Free Software
initiatives throughout Europe, to provide a Free Software
competence-center for politicians and journalists and to provide
infrastructure for Free Software projects and especially the GNU

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