[FSFE PR][EN] "GNU/LINUX-Distributor MandrakeSoft donates 2500 Euro to the Free Software Foundation Europe"

Georg C. F. Greve greve at gnu.org
Tue Apr 17 17:49:41 CEST 2001

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Press-release of the Free Software Foundation Europe
For immediate release

"GNU/LINUX-Distributor MandrakeSoft donates 2500 Euro to the Free
 Software Foundation Europe"

(Hamburg/Paris) Upon a visit of Richard M. Stallman, founding father
of the GNU Project and Free Software Foundation, in their new offices,
GNU/Linux distributor MandrakeSoft announced a donation of 2500 Euro
to the Free Software Foundation Europe, the acknowledged sister
organization of the Free Software Foundation in the United States.

"We thank MandrakeSoft for this donation as it will allow us to cover
the legal expenses coming up in January.", says Georg C. F. Greve
on behalf of the FSF Europe. "We hope to establish a good and cooperative
relationship for future activities on behalf of Free Software and

The Free Software Foundation Europe is currently in creation and it is
planned to take up work in Germany, France, Sweden and Italy within
the first quarter of 2001. Other countries like England, Belgium,
Holland and Spain are to follow shortly thereafter.

About the FSF Europe:

Among the tasks of the Free Software Foundation Europe will be the
coordination of Free Software initiatives throughout Europe, providing
infrastructure for Free Software projects and especially the GNU Project
and providing a competence-center for politicians and the press.

At the moment a group consisting of the original four Bernhard Reiter,
Peter Gerwinski and Werner Koch as well as Georg C. F. Greve, all
well-known authorities on the Free Software field, has been joined by
Frederic Couchet (well known for his work with April in France), Jonas
Öberg (a Free Software evangelist from Sweden) and Alessandro Rubini
(very active in the Italian Free Software community) in the core
planning team. Together with a lot of dedicated volunteers who have
joined this group on the mailing lists we will see to it that the
spirit of Free Software will be strengthened and upheld in Europe.

Further information about the FSF Europe can be
found at http://www.fsfeurope.org


Europe and Germany: Georg C. F. Greve <greve at gnu.org>
			Tel: +49-40-23809080
			Fax: +49-40-23809081
France:  Frederic Couchet  <fcouchet at april.org>
			Tel: +33 6 60 68 89 31
Italy:   Alessandro Rubini <rubini at gnu.org>
  			Tel: +39-0382-529.554 (o .424)
  			Fax: +39-0382-529.424
Sweden:  Jonas Öberg <jonas at gnu.org>
			Tel: +46-21-144831

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