The coding contest Youth Hacking 4 Freedom launches its second edition

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Mon Nov 7 08:15:56 UTC 2022

 = The coding contest Youth Hacking 4 Freedom launches its second edition =

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The registration for the second edition of “Youth Hacking 4 Freedom ",
the FSFE’s hacking competition for teenagers from all over Europe, has
started. This contest offers young people aged between 14 and 18 the
opportunity to challenge themselves, meet like-minded people and win
cash prizes.

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), a European charity that
empowers users to control technology, is launching the second edition of
its coding competition ‘Youth Hacking 4 Freedom' (YH4F). Registration is
open [1] until 31 December, after which the six-month coding phase will
start and last until the end of June 2023.

YH4F [2] aims to inspire the younger generation by giving them the
chance to hack on a software project in a fair and fun way while meeting
other young developers from all around Europe. The winners will receive
a cash prize and a two-day trip to Brussels with other hackers for the
award ceremony.

The first edition of the competition was a huge success with wide
participation and well-coded winning projects. Over a hundred people
coming from 25 different countries registered for the competition and,
after a five-month coding phase, 35 projects were submitted. The six
winning projects [3] offer sign language transcription [4] , a smart
table robot [5], a personal assistant [6], a music tutorial [7], a file
sharing program [8], and a homework manager [9]. All programs are
licensed under Free Software licenses, which grants everybody the right
to use, understand, share, and improve them.

“Taking part in this competition was personally a big step as before it
I have never ever programmed something and I did not have knowledge to
do so. During the project I learned a lot more about programming
concepts, how can I implement the modules and generally the programming
language Python", explains Ekaterina, one of the winners of the first
edition of the YH4F competition.

To join the second edition of the YH4F competition, participants must be
between 14 and 18 years old and live in a European country. The YH4F
competition includes an online kick-off event in which the FSFE team
will present the competition and answer questions about it. Participants
may bring all their imagination to the competition as any type of
software can be coded as long as it is Free Software. Therefore, the
software project can be a stand-alone program written from scratch, or a
modification and combination of existing programs. Everything is
welcome! Moreover, the participants will have the chance to follow each
other’s work and exchange ideas.

After six months of coding, from the beginning of January until the end
of June, the participants will submit their projects to be evaluated by
an independent experts jury [10].

- In brief:  Participants must be *14-18 years* old and should register
  at [11]

- Registration will be open until *31 December 2022*

- The coding period will be from *1 January 2023 to 30 June 2023*.

- Six winners will be awarded *cash prizes* (4096€, 2048€, and 1024€)
  and a trip to Brussels.

- The competition will take place online. The Award Ceremony will be in

The YH4F is made possible thanks to the kind financial support of
Reinhard Wiesemann, Linuxhotel, and Vielrespektzentrum.

At the website [12] you can find all related information, such
as the process, the eligibility criteria, and FAQs [13]. You can also
use the illustrations in our dedicated media package when sharing the
news of the competition.

 == About the Free Software Foundation Europe ==

The Free Software Foundation Europe is a charity that empowers users to
control technology. Software is deeply involved in all aspects of our
lives, and it is important that this technology empowers rather than
restricts us. Free Software gives everybody the rights to use,
understand, improve, and share software. These rights help support other
fundamental freedoms like freedom of speech, press, and privacy.

The FSFE helps individuals and organisations to understand how Free
Software contributes to freedom, transparency, and self-determination.
It enhances users' rights by abolishing barriers to Free Software
adoption, encouraging people to use and develop Free Software, and
providing resources to enable everyone to further promote Free Software
in Europe.


  == Over de Free Software Foundation Europe ==

  Free Software Foundation Europe is een goed doel dat gebruikers in staat
  stelt om technologie te controleren.  Software is sterk verweven met
  alle aspecten van onze levens. Het is belangrijk dat deze technologie
  ons tot iets in staat stelt in plaats van ons te beperken. Vrije
  Software geeft iedereen het recht om software te gebruiken, te
  begrijpen, aan te passen en te delen. Deze rechten helpen het
  ondersteunen van andere fundamentele vrijheden zoals de vrijheid van
  meningsuiting, pers en privacy.

  De FSFE helpt individuen en organisaties begrijpen hoe Vrije Software
  bijdraagt aan vrijheid, transparantie en zelfbeschikking. We verbeteren
  gebruikersrechten door het opheffen van barrières voor de adoptie van
  Vrije Software, moedigen mensen aan om Vrije Software te gebruiken en te
  ontwikkelen en voorzien in middelen om iedereen in staat te stellen
  Vrije Software in Europa verder te promoten.

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