FSFE wins the transparency challenge of the EU Datathon 2022

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Wed Oct 26 14:00:13 UTC 2022

 = FSFE wins the transparency challenge of the EU Datathon 2022 =

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The sixth edition of EU Datathon [1], the EU’s open data competition,
came to a close last week with the awards ceremony. The Free Software
Foundation Europe (FSFE) won the first prize in the challenge
‘transparency in public procurement’ with a program that helps analyse
how public administrations in the European Union spend their money.

At the EU Datathon finals, that took place in Brussels as part of the
European Year of Youth [2], TEDective, the project submitted by the
FSFE, ended up winning one of the four proposed challenges, that Europe
is currently facing: the achievement of transparency in public

Using open data this Free Software program empowers citizens by making
EU tendering data accesible to everyone who wants to consult and use it.
For example, it will allow a journalist to find out how much money the
government spends on Microsoft licenses and products, but also to
compare that spending with other regions in similar cases or even in
comparison with other countries.

“Although it might seem boring at first sight, TED data reveals crucial
information about the economic activity of business and state
organisations alike. As, there was no Free Software solution making this
data accessible to non-experts, this is what we’re trying to do with
TEDective”, explains Linus Sehn, system administrator at FSFE and one of
the members of the TEDective team. This first prize, which comes with a
cash reward of 25,000 euros, willl contribute to raise awareness to the
need of making tendering data accesible and easy to analyze.

 === Available for using, understanding sharing and improving ===

Developed with the help of Michael Weimann [3], and released as a REUSE-
compliant [4] project under a Free Software (also known as Open Source)
license, TEDective improves access to the data published by Tenders
Electronic Daily [5] (TED), fullfilling all of the following
requirements with regards to the provision of TED data: it is available
without costs for commercial as well as non-commercial use; it is up-to-
date (updates at least on a monthly basis), cleaned and both buyers and
suppliers are adequately deduplicated; and it can be downloaded in bulk,
making it available as Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) to allow
interoperability. Besides, it will be designed, maintained and monitored
transparently and in close co-operation with all relevant stakeholders
and user groups.

Sustainably providing long-term access to European tendering data in a
way that fulfils these requirements could enable numerous applications
that are of interest to civil society, business, the press, and beyond
which could greatly enhance the transparency of business activity in
Europe. There are a range of interesting questions that can be answered
with this data if it was available in a well-documented and easy-to-
understand format that is interoperable with tendering data published

If you want to find out more about TEDective, feel free to check out the
git repository software [6]. The team is also looking for data experts,
who want to help, so if you are interested, please contact the team by
emailing tedective at fsfe.org [7].

 === The EU Datathon 2022 ===

Empowering young people in the job market, reducing greenhouse
emissions, and bringing European cultural heritage closer to citizens:
these were some of the ambitions put forward by the 12 finalist teams of
this year’s EU Datathon, [8] The teams were shortlisted from an initial
156 entries from 38 countries, the highest participation in the
competition’s history, and competed in four categories, all highly
relevant to the challenges Europe faces today: the European Green Deal,
transparency in public procurement, EU public procurement opportunities
for young people, and a Europe fit for the digital age.

Prior to the finals, the finalists had the opportunity to present their
ideas for apps built on EU open data in a series of videos [9] while, on
the final day, they pitched their polished apps to the jury of 14 open
data experts and the online audience. In his opening speech,
Commissioner Johannes Hahn praised the teams’ innovative approaches
underlining that “There is also a strong positive impact on
accountability, transparency, participation, inclusion and democracy,
supporting core European values” while Ms Hilde Hardeman, Director
General of the Publications Office of the EU, highlighted that “The
European Union is well aware of the immense opportunities data offer. We
are truly determined to make the most out of these, for our citizens,
economies, societies”.

The EU Datathon competition is organised annually by the Publications
Office of the European Union, [10] in support of the European Strategy
for Data [11]. [12] The 2022 edition had the active support of over 20
partners, representing open data stakeholders from both inside and
outside the EU institutions.

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  == Over de Free Software Foundation Europe ==

  Free Software Foundation Europe is een goed doel dat gebruikers in staat
  stelt om technologie te controleren.  Software is sterk verweven met
  alle aspecten van onze levens. Het is belangrijk dat deze technologie
  ons tot iets in staat stelt in plaats van ons te beperken. Vrije
  Software geeft iedereen het recht om software te gebruiken, te
  begrijpen, aan te passen en te delen. Deze rechten helpen het
  ondersteunen van andere fundamentele vrijheden zoals de vrijheid van
  meningsuiting, pers en privacy.

  De FSFE helpt individuen en organisaties begrijpen hoe Vrije Software
  bijdraagt aan vrijheid, transparantie en zelfbeschikking. We verbeteren
  gebruikersrechten door het opheffen van barrières voor de adoptie van
  Vrije Software, moedigen mensen aan om Vrije Software te gebruiken en te
  ontwikkelen en voorzien in middelen om iedereen in staat te stellen
  Vrije Software in Europa verder te promoten. 


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