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 = Protect your privacy - Help GnuPG hire a second developer! =

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GnuPG is the world's leading privacy tool, with an estimated base of
more than four million active users world-wide, and a thousand new users
each day. It guards emails, files, and programs from snooping and spying
on Windows, Mac, and GNU/Linux. This crucial program needs your help to
keep going in 2015 and beyond.

Ongoing government spying revelations have shown how little of our
information is really safe. GnuPG is one of the few tools that can offer
real protection. Edward Snowden used it to encrypt his communications
with journalists. All companies and individuals running Free Software
systems use it to protect their software against manipulation -
sometimes without even knowing about it. Credit card data and backups
are routinely encrypted through GnuPG, and the program will be needed
for many years in the future to restore that data.

GnuPG this is free of charge for all those people around the world, but
it costs money to develop and maintain. For more than a decade, g10 code
GmbH, the company owned and headed by GnuPG's principal author Werner
Koch, has been bearing the majority of these costs. The company is
seeking EUR 120,000 to carry on its work on GnuPG in 2015.

With this money, the company will:

- hire a second developer to work on GnuPG

- maintain the GnuPG software and documentation

- put this vital bit of our privacy infrastructure on a more solid
  organisational footing, so that it will remain viable in the long

There are no fancy fundraising videos or goodies. Every cent of your
donation will directly support the future development of GnuPG. Donors
will be listed on the GnuPG website and in the next GnuPG release,
unless they choose to remain anonymous.

You can directly donate to the GnuPG project through this page:


If you can benefit from a donation receipt by a Germany charity you may
donate to the GnuPG account at the WAU Holland Stiftung:


Wau Holland Stiftung
Commerzbank Kassel
Königsplatz 32-34
34117 Kassel / Germany
IBAN: DE89 5204 0021 0277 2812 06
    Stichwort: GnuPG

    Bitcoin: 12LKeo24XCzgz6ASSxcUa8BvUfzkEyCpGq

The Wau Holland Stiftung will use the money raised to pay for
development work on GnuPG and Enigmail.

In a blog post, Werner Koch has provided an overview of GnuPG's costs
and revenues over the years:


Media contact:

- Werner Koch, primary GnuPG developer, g10 code: Email: wk AT g10code
  DOT org Phone: +49-2104-173855

- Karsten Gerloff, President, Free Software Foundation Europe: Email:
  gerloff AT fsfe DOT org Phone: +49 176 9690 4298

- Bernd Fix, Wau Holland Stiftung: Email: bf AT wauland DOT de

About Wau Holland Stiftung:

WHS is a foundation related to the Chaos Computer Club, that was
launched by the father and close friends of the late "information
philosopher" Wau Holland (a.k.a. Herwart Holland-Moritz) to promote and
pursue his unique freethinking in relation to freedom of communication
and informational self-determination.

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 1. https://gnupg.org/donate/
 2. https://www.wauland.de/en/donation.html#61
 3. https://www.gnupg.org/blog/20141214-gnupg-and-g10.html

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