Medical Devices Should Use Free Software +++ 25 New Videos

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 = Medical Devices Should Use Free Software +++ 25 New Videos =

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In this issue we have a podcast episode about the need that medical
devices have Free Software. Watch our talks from FOSDEM and videos about
legal issues when developing. Participants of YH4F are already coding.
Thanks to all your contributions, our fundraising ended successfully. We
bring community news from 9 countries.

 === My Medical Device, My Software ===

Karen Sandler relies on a medical device to keep her heart pumping. She
had a critical moment when her defibrillator misread her condition and
she had no access to tweak the device. Since then, Karen has been on an
odyssey to persuade doctors and manufacturers to embrace software
freedom in medical devices. She recalls a case of a neurotechnology
company that ended its support of retina implants. Despite such cases,
things can improve in healthcare as more tech savvy people need medical
devices. Listen to Karen’s interview in our Software Freedom Podcast [1]

 === Binge-watch our videos ===

We have published 25 videos this month!

- What is copyright? Can I copy someone else’s work? Read and watch our
  explanatory videos on Frequently asked legal questions [2].

- ‘Refund of Payments for Pre-Installed Software’, ‘De-Monopolizing
  Access to EU Applications’ and many more hot topics from FOSDEM 2023

- 10 new ‘Thank you!’ videos [4] to Free Software programs from our I
  Love Free Software Day.

In our own Peertube instance you can always find our latest videos [5]
and leave comments! So, how to do it? If you have an account on any
ActivityPub-compatible instance, e.g. PeerTube, Mastodon, or Pleroma,
copy the URL of the video and paste it into the "Search" box of for
example your Mastodon’s web interface. Comment from there!

 === Updates ===

- The coding period of the second Youth Hacking 4 Freedom competition is
  on! [6] Our 70 participants are meeting online regularly and engaging
  in discussions while helping each other and networking in a Matrix
  chat until the end of the coding period.

- Thanks to your valuable contributions, we have reached our fundraising
  target [7]. Thank you for your confidence and support, even in these
  difficult times.

- Check out the iheartsteam teachers’ podcast series which hosted
  Matthias Kirschner for the book Ada & Zangemann [8].

- Our community loves Free Hardware too! This ‘thank you’ note to the
  Libre-SOC project [9] is one of the latest articles you can find in
  our Planet [10].

 === Events ===

Online & 🇩🇪 Germany: On 10 March 2023 Johannes Näder, FSFE Policy
Project Manager, will participate in the workshop "Free and Open
Software as a central component of diverse, sustainable digital
ecosystems" in the German Bundestag [DE]. You need to register in order
to watch it livestreamed. [11].

🇩🇪 Germany: An author reading of “Ada & Zangemann – A fairy tale about
software, skateboards and raspberry ice cream” will take place in the
German city of Traunstein. Kulturforum Klosterkirche Traunstein on March
14 [12].

🇸🇪 Sweden: On 24-25 April the FSFE invites you to join the foss-north
conference [13].

🇺🇸 USA: An author reading of “Ada & Zangemann” will take place in Boston
at the Convention and Exhibition Center on March 18 [14].

 === FSFE community ===

Our community celebrated ‘I Love Free Software Day’ all around Europe
[15]. The FSFE local groups in Spain, England, Portugal, Greece,
Germany, and Switzerland took up the call of the FSFE to get together
and celebrate their love for software freedom in person. The Italian
community organized an online event and even Free Software contributors
from outside the FSFE joined the call and organised meetings like the
ones in Austria and Barcelona.

🇩🇰 *Denmark*: The FSFE local group in Aarhus [16] gave a presentation
about "Free Software and Permaculture" [17] at Højskolen Mors [18]
discussing the importance of sustainability through refurbishment and
resource-saving Free Software.

In other news, one hot topic for the Aarhus FSFE local group is the
current discussion by the Danish Data Protection Authority about whether
the use of Chromebooks and Google Workspace for Education in schools is

🇩🇪 *Germany*: The local group Berlin [19] and the LinuxWorks LUG
discussed Berlin elections, addressed server configuration problems of
private servers, and noticed that old accounts in the Fediverse revived
after the recent changes at Twitter.

🇮🇹 *Italy*: The Merano group created its own wiki [20].

🇳🇱 *Netherlands*: The FSFE country team Netherlands [21] had a core
meeting to discuss its strategy and will meet again on 15 March.

🇨🇭 *Switzerland*: The next meeting is on 9 March [22].

👩🏽‍🔧 *Women*: The FSFE Women team [23] discussed wiki software: Gollum,
a git-based Wiki, and PmWiki, a wiki-based content-management system
(CMS) for collaborative creation and maintenance of websites.

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Your editor, Fani Partsafyllidou

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