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In our February Newsletter, we invite you to our Games Event to
celebrate the "I Love Free Software" Day on February 14th. Listen to our
podcast episode with Stanislas Dolcini from the game '0 A.D.: Empires
Ascendant'. FOSDEM was just concluded and the FSFE was there! We
complete our celebrations for 20 years FSFE in an interview with past

 == "I Love Free Software" Day: games, memes and more ==

Every 14th of February, people around the world celebrate the "I Love
Free Software" Day by saying thank you to all the people contributing to
software freedom. This year, we are organising a whole event dedicated
to Free Software games [1] on Monday 14 February at 18:00-20:00 CET. You
can learn the ins and outs of the Free Software gaming world from our
guest speakers, or just play Veloren in real time afterwards with others
who are attending the event. Make sure you register [2]; we are looking
forward to hanging out with you on 'I Love Free Software' Day.

Before the event and during the day, create your own 'I love Free
Software' image card with the help of our brand new sharepic generator
[3], where you can upload your own picture along with a love dedication.
Share your card online as a special way to thank Free Software creators.

 == Podcast: 0 A.D. with 0 proprietary software ==

The real-time strategy game of ancient warfare, 0 A.D.: Empires
Ascendant, is a Free Software game created by an international group of
volunteer game developers. Programmers, artists, and historians combined
their skills to create this imaginary ancient world. In a new episode,
the host of the Software Freedom Podcast, Bonnie Mehring, discusses the
growing popularity of the game with the game's project lead [4].
Stanislas Dolcini says that the decision to make the game Free Software
made it last for so many years, as many people could contribute - and
still can.

 == The FSFE at FOSDEM 2022 ==

Thank you for joining our virtual booth [5] in this year's online
FOSDEM, it was fun to see the Free Software community come together once
again. Also, we co-hosted the Legal and Policy Issues Devroom. Masafumi
Ohta [6] talked about his experience on teaching Free Software licenses
and compliances at a university. Security expert Christopher Klooz [7]
addressed the role of international arbitration for security of Free

Vittorio Bertola [8] presented an update on the Digital Markets Act, the
new European rules for online competition. Lucas Lasota [9], FSFE
Project Manager, proposed Device Neutrality as the necessary principle
to make sure we are able to run Free Software on our devices, without
artificial barriers. Italo Vignoli [10] showed how proprietary software
gained ground during the pandemic. The Legal and Policy Issues Devroom
organisers made closing remarks in a panel [11]. The recordings will be
published soon; find them first by subscribing to our Peertube instance

 == Interviewing past interns for 20 Years FSFE ==

In the final publication about 20 Years FSFE, we wanted to thank
everyone who worked for the organisation in an internship position. We
contacted eight former interns and asked them about their time at the
FSFE and their current involvement with Free Software [13]. Diego
Naranjo, George Brooke-Smith, Lucile Falgueyrac, Lyudmila Vaseva, Martin
Husovec, Matti Lammi, Polina Malaja, and Stian Rødven-Eide reflected on
what they learned during their internship. Since then, everyone has
supported Free Software in their own way: as users, developers,
researchers, advocates, FSFE donors, or FSFE volunteers.

 == 'Public Money? Public Code' brochure, now in Spanish ==

In our Public Money? Public Code! initiative, we offer an exhaustive
brochure dedicated to public administrations [14]. Now it is also
available in Spanish [15]. Our volunteers recently translated the
brochure, allowing the Spanish-speaking world to read about the benefits
of modernising public infrastructure with Free Software in their own

In an event sharing the good news, we invited experts to join. Luis
Falcón, founder of GNUHealth; Ricardo Muñoz from Lliurex; Alexis Puente
Montiel from Pica Pica HackLab; Francesc Busquets in representation of
Linkat; and Aleix Pol Gonzalez, president of KDE, discussed PMPC
developments in Spain. The videos are available in Spanish [16].

 == Save the date! ==

- On Monday 14 February, join our "I Love Free Software" Day [17].

- On Friday 25 February, Matthias Kirschner, President of the FSFE, will
  read his book 'Ada & Zangemann' [18]. The reading will be in German
  and will take place online. The event is part of the yearly Winter
  Congress, organised by the Digital Society. To join the Winter
  Congress please register for a ticket. The price of a non-member,
  regular ticket is 30 CHF.

 == What we have done ==

- During the first weekend of February, we co-hosted the Legal and
  Policy Issues Devroom [19] and had a digital booth at FOSDEM.

- On 5 February, Lucas Lasota, the FSFE's Legal Deputy Director,
  followed up on his talk from last year at FOSDEM and explained why
  Device Neutrality is important for Free Software [20].

- On 26 January, the FSFE Country Team Netherlands had its monthly
  meeting online. A petition about Public Broadcasting Union (NPO)
  publishing some content only on YouTube, the Digital Ethics week in
  The Hague, and court case updates were among the topics discussed.

- On 20 January, the FSFE Women group had its monthly online meeting.

- On 11 January, the FSFE Spanish Team had its monthly meeting.

- On 10 January, Lucas Lasota gave an online lecture on software law and
  FLOSS licences at the Humboldt University of Berlin [21].

 == Contribute to our newsletter ==

If you would like to share any thoughts, pictures, or news, please send
them to us. As always, the address is newsletter at fsfe.org. We're looking
forward to hearing from you! If you also want to support us and our
work, join our community and support us with a donation or a monthly
contribution [22]. Thanks to our community and all the volunteers,
supporters, and donors who make our work possible. And thanks to our
translators, who enable you to read this newsletter in your native

Your editor, Fani Partsafyllidou

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