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 = Till Jaeger +++ Youth Hacking 4 Freedom +++ SFScon 2021 =

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In our October Newsletter read about Till Jaeger, who knows first-hand
what it takes to enforce Free Software licenses. Find out about the
contest we just launched: Youth Hacking 4 Freedom. Learn about the
donations by a high school yearbook team. Follow our latest activities
and write down the dates of the upcoming SFScon.

 == New podcast: How can we prevent violations against Free Software licenses? ==

Till Jaeger shared his insight on how can we enforce Free Software
licenses [1]. In a podcast hosted by Matthias Kirschner he recalled the
beginning of this effort in 2004. This was the first time when a
violation of the GNU General Public Licence (GNU GPL) led to a court
case and a settlement. The person behind this initiative was Harald
Welte who afterwards created a project to rectify GPL violations [2].

17 years after the first court case we now have many more tools to
prevent violations against Free Software licenses. Compliance
information is clearer, and workshops such as the ones offered by the
FSFE Legal Network are available. Still, Till suggests further
simplification of licences, interoperability, and licence compatibility.
Finally, Till thanks everyone doing GNU/Linux distributions for their
crucial work.

 == Youth Hacking 4 Freedom: coding contest for teenagers ==

Software development is a powerful, and often self-taught, skill; people
who started programming in a young age deserve encouragement. To this
end, we are organising a coding competition for teenagers around Europe,
Youth Hacking 4 Freedom [3]. From 1 November 2021 to 31 March 2022, you
can code any type of software you want, as long as it is Free Software.
The winners will be awarded cash prizes (2 x 4096€, 2 x 2048€, 2 x
1024€) and a trip to Brussels. The evaluation [4] phase will be carried
out by Free Software experts.

Are you between 14-18 and have already started programming? Join us!
Just make sure you register [5] until *Sunday, 31 October* 2021. Our
FAQs [6] might help. We are dedicated to offering an inclusive
environment in the YH4F, and we encourage people of all genders to join!
We will make sure everyone will enjoy the process and will leave this
competition with a smile. Spread the word [7]!

 == Hittfeld high school shows its support to Free Software projects and the FSFE ==

The 2021 yearbook [8] of a high school was successfully completed using
Free Software, and the editorial team donated all profits from the sale
to Free Software projects and the FSFE. This is the story of Hittfeld
high school in Seevetal, in the German state of Lower Saxony.

The editorial team mentions that it is beneficial for the school to
avoid paying expensive subscriptions to proprietary programs. We deeply
thank the pupils and everyone involved in the donation decision. This
kind gesture is a nice reminder that we should support those who provide
us great tools without restricting our freedom. We encourage everyone to
support Free Software projects, just as the Hittfeld high school did.


This year the FSFE celebrates its 20th anniversary. Support our work for
the next 20 years to come [9]


 == Sustainability track at South Tyrol Free Software Conference ==

The South Tyrol Free Software Conference, SFScon, is one of Europe’s
most established annual conferences on Free Software. Save the date!
SFScon 2021 [10] is coming up on Friday 12 November and Saturday 13
November 2021.

This year the FSFE will participate in the conference by organising a
Sustainability track with five 20-minute talks:

- ' *Software Heritage*: The Great Library of Source Code' by /Stefano
  Zacchiroli/ from the Software Heritage project.

- ' *Blauer Engel Eco-Certification* ' by /Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss/
  from KDE e.V.

- ' *Measuring the Sustainability of AI*: towards a Sustainability Index
  for Artificial Intelligence' by /Anne Mollen/ from AlgorithmWatch.

- ' *The role of software for a universal Right to Repair*: can free
  software help us fix software obsolescence?' by /Ugo Vallauri/ from
  the Restart Project and the European Right to Repair Campaign.

- ' *4 directives for a sustainable digital society*: designing circular
  digitisation with upcyling software and reusing hardware' by /Erik
  Albers/ from the FSFE.

The FSFE will also support three additional talks. 'REUSE: Gold standard
for Free Software licensing' part of the Legal track, by Max Mehl;
'Protecting Router Freedom' part of the IoT & Cybersecurity track, by
Lucas Lasota; 'Public Money? Public Code! During Corona: What role did
Free Software play during the crisis' part of the Public Administration
& GIS track, by Alexander Sander. We are looking forward to see our
readers at the SFScon!

 == What we have done ==

During the final week before the German federal election we reached out
to politicians asking their stance on Free Software, in line with our
electoral activities [11]. Alexander Sander, FSFE Policy Consultant, and
Karl Krüger from our associated organisation OSB Alliance conducted 5
interviews [12] (DE) with representatives of German political parties
from 20 to 24 September. From CDU we spoke with Nadine Schön, MdB, CDU
Deputy Chairwoman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag.
We interviewed three members of the Digital Agenda Committee: Elvan
Korkmaz-Emre from SPD, Manuel Höferlin from FDP, and Anke Domscheit-Berg
from Die Linke. From the Greens, we spoke with Margit Stumpp, MdB,
member of the Committee on Cultural and Media Affairs. The 5 videos are
available in German. Also we released our vision for the upcoming
decades and concrete demands for the next government [13] and analyzed
the election programs [14] of the parties.

- Lina Ceballos, FSFE Project Manager, gave an interview [15] to
  Empodera.org presenting the mission of the FSFE, the PMPC demands, and
  the need for Router Freedom. Lina stressed the need for a more ethical
  but also a more sustainable digital environment.

- Matthias Kirschner, president of the FSFE, was invited to a podcast
  episode [16] of Radio Citylab Berlin. It dealt with Free Software as a
  foundation for a democratic technology policy. This enlightening and
  fun discussion is available in German.

- The Bavarian Radio (Bayrischer Rundfunk) published a 26 minute radio
  feature (in German) [17] about the 30 year anniversary of Linux.
  Matthias Kirschner was also interviewed for that, and talked about how
  Linux as a Free Software kernel contributed to the Free Software
  movement and how this changed the world.

- On 12 September, the FSFE Netherlands met [18] online.

- On 13 September, the FSFE Community Bonn [19] had its local group
  meeting and Johannes reported about GNURadio. The meetings are open to
  all who are interested in Free Software.

- On 17 September, the campaign framework "Public Money? Public Code!: A
  campaign framework to promote software freedom" was presented at the
  Kieler Open Source and Linux Days by Bonnie Mehring.

- On 19 September, the FSFE Vienna provided an information booth at

- On 19 September, Max Mehl introduced REUSE and its benefits for Free
  Software developers and users, especially for package maintainers of
  operating system distributions. The presentation is part of EuroBSDCon

- On 23 September, the local FSFE Berlin [21] group celebrated 20 Years
  of FSFE together with the FSFE's president by eating cake around a

- On 27 September, the FSFE Women group had its monthly meeting. Antje
  analysed three papers about women in computer science and gender
  aspects of learning to code [22], and Fani Partsafyllidou presented
  the Youth Hacking 4 Freedom competition.

- On 5 October, Gabriel Ku Wei Bin, the FSFE's Legal Coordinator,
  participated in a webinar on open source copyright and license
  management [23] organized by the NLNet Foundation for the benefit of
  various NGI projects [24]. The webinar helped software projects with
  understanding various aspects the law as it relates to software, as
  well as to introduce the FSFE's REUSE initiative to a wider audience.

- On 9 October, our associated organisation ANSOL (Associação Nacional
  para o Software Livre) celebrated its 20th anniversary. FSFE's
  president, Matthias Kirschner, gave a short talk about the FSFE's work
  during the last 20 years and highlighted joint activities with ANSOL.

- On 10 October, the Youth Hacking 4 Freedom [25] hosted its opening
  event to explain the rules of the competition and to answer questions
  from people who had already registered.

 == New bag ==

For our 20th anniversary, we now present a new bag! Blue and double-
faced, it comes with two slogans, the newest: 'FSFE since 2001', to
remember when it all started and our evergreen: 'There is no cloud, just
other people's computers'. A sustainable solution for a shopping bag.
Get it from the FSFE web shop [26].

 == Share the YH4F opportunity with teenagers in your community ==

Would you like to help us spread the message, and help young hackers
spot the opportunity to join YH4F? Then please contact teenagers you
know, former schools, hacker spaces, youth facilities, or mailing lists.
Share with them our call for registration [27] through a post on your
website, a mention in your Newsletter, or a social media post. Also, you
can freely use the illustrations [28] in our media kit, as well as our
Press Release [29]. Both are available in English and translations.

Your contribution is valuable to make sure that young people will take
part — and hopefully connect more with the software freedom movement.

 == Contribute to our newsletter ==

If you would like to share any thoughts, pictures, or news, please send
them to us. As always, the address is newsletter at fsfe.org. We're looking
forward to hearing from you! If you also want to support us and our
work, join our community and support us with a donation or a monthly
contribution [30]. Thanks to our community and all the volunteers,
supporters, and donors who make our work possible. And thanks to our
translators, who enable you to read this newsletter in your native

Your editor, Fani Partsafyllidou

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