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> = FSFE Newsletter - August 2012 =
> [Read online: http://fsfe.org/news/nl/nl-201208.en.html ]
> == Helping the European Parliament to release its own Free Software ==
> For the first time, the European Parliament (EP) is about to release one
> of its own programs as a Free Software. The program in question is
> called AT4AM, short for "Automatic Tool for Amendments". The Parliament
> is making laws, and AT4AM automates a lot of the formalities associated
> with the legislative process.
> Karsten Gerloff and Carlo Piana were invited to give talks at the event
> to discuss the right license under which to publish AT4AM, and to
> explain the political dimension of Free Software.
> Do you want to know why the FSFE suggested the EP to license their
> software under GNU AGPL version 3, and what else our president has on
> his wishlist for the EP? Then read his report[1]!
>   1.
> http://blogs.fsfe.org/gerloff/2012/07/18/helping-the-european-parliament-to-release-its-own-free-software/
> == Protect Free Software licenses from bankruptcy ==
> When the companies or authors that license Free Software enter
> bankruptcy, there is a risk that granted Free Software licenses will
> face legal challenges in some jurisdictions. The FSFE is trying to
> prevent this situation in Germany. We started talking about this during
> a meeting with the German Minister of Justice, who we could have meet
> thanks to receiving the Theodor Heuss Medal[2]. Now the ifrOSS supported
> by the FSFE suggests the German Ministry of Justice to include a
> specific Free Software clause in the German Insolvency Code[3]. The
> clause ensures that Free Software licenses would not be negatively
> affected by a bankruptcy of a licensing rights holder. It makes it clear
> that any offer to grant a Free Software license made before the
> licensor's bankruptcy can be accepted by anyone even after the
> bankruptcy proceedings started.
> If Free Software face similar problems in your jurisdiction, please
> contact us[4] or take similar steps.
>   2. http://fsfe.org/news/2010/news-20100510-01.en.html
>   3. http://fsfe.org/news/2012/news-20120730-01.en.html
>   4. http://fsfe.org/contact/contact.en.html
> == The Fellowship: One to rule them all ==
> In the Lord of the Rings, Gollum does not want to share the ring. He is
> such an egoist. But Barbara "swimmi" Roth and Martin "gollo"
> Gollowitzer, both Fellows of the FSFE are used to share (as well as use,
> study, and improve).
> After signing their public keys with the highest trust level[5], they
> now finally decided to swim into the harbour of marriage. It is the
> first marriage your editor knows about, where both were Fellows
> *before* their marriage. The FSFE wishes them all the best for
> their future and is looking forward to see a lot of "forks"[6], so we
> have more Free Software activists. May many fellow[7] this example[8]!
>   5. https://xkcd.com/364/
>   6. http://media.macno.org/u/macno/m/i-am-a-fork/
>   7. http://fellowship.fsfe.org/join
>   8. http://fellowship.fsfe.org/join
> == Something completely different ==
> - From August 21st to 26th Free Software will be one major theme at Campus
>   Party in Berlin. Your editor helped to find some interesting speakers
> for the
>   event. Well, see yourself[9].
> - La Quadrature Du Net published a video tutorial how to call a Member of
> the
>   European Parliament (MEP). You can apply their instructions[10] to our
> Ask
>   Your Candidates campaign[11] and talk with politicians about general Free
>   Software topics, our campaigns[12], or other issues.
> - How, exactly, can you have a successful project with collaborators?  Can
> we
>   quantitatively analyse past projects to figure out what works, instead of
>   just using our best guesses? David A. Wheeler reviewed a book[13]which
>   analyses how to be successful with Free Software.
> - You want to have a small low cost Free Software PC? Take a look at this
>   overview[14]and decide what is best for you.
> - Digital Restriction Managmenet: Our sister, the FSF finished an update
> of the
>   "Guide to DRM-free Living"[15]with dozens of new places to get ebooks,
>   movies, and music without DRM.
> - A selection from the Fellowship blog aggregation[16]:
>   - Berlin Fellowship group[17]coordinator Alexander Kahl wrote about why
> git
>     kicks ass[18]and how to use GNU Emacs as a terminal emulator[19].
>   - What is going on in Norway, and what is the role of Free Software
>     competence centres? Paul Boddie takes a look[20]at the Norwegian
>     government's recent withdrawal of all financial support for the
> Norwegian
>     Free Software Competence Center.
>   - Hugo Roy explains how to microblog links quickly with duckduckgo[21].
>   - Timo Jyrinki tells a story[22] how sometimes computing brings you to
> the
>     closet.
>   - Our interns[23] were attending Richard Stallman's talk in Dresden.
>     Anatolii Doludenko published some pictures in his blog[24].
>   - From the Nokia 770 to the N800 to the N810 to the N900 to the N9.
>  What is
>     next? Read Henri Bergius' dreams of the MeeGo diaspora[25].
>   - Our former president Georg Greve gives an update and overview about the
>     Free Software groupware Kolab 3.0[26],
>   - and finally our vice president is looking for someone who can write a
>     front-end to Searduino[27]. Can you? If not, but you want to help Free
>     Software, continue reading our this month's get active item.
>   9. http://blogs.fsfe.org/mk/?p=961
>   10. https://www.laquadrature.net/node/5880
>   11.
> http://fsfe.org/campaigns/askyourcandidates/askyourcandidates.en.html
>   12. http://fsfe.org/campaigns/campaigns.en.html
>   13. http://www.dwheeler.com/blog/2012/07/08/#internet-success
>   14. http://raymii.org/cms/p_Small_Linux_PCs_overview
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>   16. http://planet.fsfe.org
>   17. http://wiki.fsfe.org/groups/Berlin
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> http://paralambda.org/2012/07/06/git-evolution-of-a-topic-branch-and-how-to-review-it/
>   19.
> http://paralambda.org/2012/07/02/using-gnu-emacs-as-a-terminal-emulator/
>   20. http://blogs.fsfe.org/pboddie/?p=88
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> http://blogs.fsfe.org/hugo/2012/07/tweet-bang-how-to-share-a-link-quickly-on-twitter-using-duckduckgo/
>   22. http://losca.blogspot.de/2012/07/where-computing-takes-you.html
>   23. http://fsfe.org/contribute/internship.en.html
>   24.
> http://blogs.fsfe.org/tolld/2012/07/12/fsfe-in-dresden-during-rms-talk/
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>   26. http://blogs.fsfe.org/greve/?p=529
>   27. https://sandklef.wordpress.com/2012/07/21/searduino-needs-a-gui/
> == Get Active: Help us with Android installation parties! ==
> Torsten Grote, who started our Free Your Android[28]campaign, wrote down
> what he is missing in CyanogenMod 9[29]. In good Free Software fashion
> he created feature requests for a configurable power control widget, an
> ssh daemon, direct in-app shortcuts, or native OpenVPN support in
> CyanogenMod’s issue tracker.
> We want to help as many people as possible to regain control of their
> Android devices and their data in general. One important step in this
> process is helping people to install Free Software on their phones and
> tablets. So on Software Freedom Day (15th September) the FSFE wants to
> have public Free Your Android installation parties.
> If you can organise such a workshop, please let us know[30]! If you
> still need help on how to do so, we will try to help you having a
> successful event. E.g. on August 26th we will have a workshop in Berlin
> for people who plan to give such workshops in the future, be it at
> Software Freedom Day, at a conference or another occaison.
>   28. http://FreeYourAndroid.org
>   29.
> http://blogs.fsfe.org/torsten.grote/2012/07/18/what-i-am-missing-in-cyanogenmod-9/
>   30. mailto:android at lists.fsfe.org
> Thanks to all the Fellows and donors who enable our work,
> Matthias Kirschner - FSFE
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