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= FSFE Newsletter - December 2011 =

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== Your own web search - version 1.0 ==

Who controls what you find on the internet? Search engines are a vital
connection between you and information. In the eyes of the FSFE, it is
important that users can be independent. That is why we spread awareness
about the 1.0 release of YaCy, a peer-to-peer search engine. Read about
YaCy at our press release[1], Karsten Gerloff's blog entry[2]or choose
one of the many news sites who wrote about it[3], including Wall Street
Journal, BBC News, The Telegraph or TAZ.

1. http://fsfe.org/news/2011/news-20111128-01.en.html
2. http://blogs.fsfe.org/gerloff/2011/11/30/why-yacy-isnt-a-google-killer/
3. http://blogs.fsfe.org/alessandro.polvani/2011/11/30/yacy-gets-an-extraordinary-press-coverage/

== Dutch government hands over education's keys to Microsoft ==

The Dutch government wants to tie the country's schools to a single
software vendor for years to come. Dutch students using Free Software or
devices without support for Silverlight will find themselves locked out
of schools' online systems due to the use of proprietary technology and
closed standards. Marja Bijsterveldt, the secretary of education,
recently said that she is unwilling to enforce the Dutch government's
own Open Standards policy on educational institutions. Instead, the
government will accept long-term vendor lock-in of educational

With our campaign[4], FSFE's volunteers in the Netherlandswant to enable
all citizens to have free access to education and all other publicly-
funded institutions, both online and offline, by pushing for a mandatory
use of Open Standards and a guaranteed platform-independent access to
all online environments. This would allow students and their parents to
use Free Software, and in that way enable them to tap into their
potential for growth and personal development.

4. http://fsfe.org/campaigns/nledu/nledu.en.html

== Only the firealarm could end it ==

It's been a good weekend for Free Software advocacy: by the end of
FSCONS[5], the FSFE led a dedicated Free Software in Politics track[6],
Richard Stallman gave a keynote, there were many other Free Software
talks (e.g. read our webmaster's blog entry[7]), the FSFE staffed a
booth both at FSCONS and at the Open Rhein Ruhr (Germany)[8], Erik
Josefsson received the Nordic Free Software Award[9], and we had a FSFE
workshop[10]one day before the conference. In the end it was only
possible to terminate FSCONS's social event with a fire alarm. (Your
editor still thinks this fire alarm is part of a bigger conspiracy.)

At the workshop before FSCONS, Sam Tuke organised the second PDFreaders
sprint[11]after the one in the UK[12]. The 11 participants checked
several websites from our buglist[13], and translated the form
letter[14]and the petition[15]into Swedish. Special thanks to Daniel
Melin, Henri Nordstrom, and Josef Andersson for this!

Our current success rate: 511 out of 2081 (24%) reported public websites
have removed the non-free software advertisement. 1938 individuals, 58
organisations and 56 businesses have signed the petition[16].

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== Something completely different ==

- The Regional Court of Berlin rejected AVM's claims opposing third
  party modifications of GNU GPL software[17]. gpl-violations.org[18]and
  the FSFE welcome this decision. When we receive the reasoning of the
  court, we will inform you about it in our news section[19].
- Together with six other civil society organisations, the FSFE has
  urged the Parliament[20]to make the ACTA committee session public, so
  that European citizens can form their own opinions on ACTA.
- Mirko Boehm has been involved with KDE since 1997 and was a board
  member of KDE e.V. from 1999 to 2006. This month Chris Woolfrey talked
  with him for the Fellowship interview[21].
- From the planet aggregation[22]:
- The legal news update from November 1–6[23], and November
  7–13[24]is presented by Hugo Roy and Martin Husovec.
- How many principles exist for good practice in the undergraduate
  education? Guido Arnold says there are seven[25], just like in good
  fairy tales! Do you agree? Discuss it with our education team[26].
- Karsten informs us about the current Free Software policy issues[27],
  which he presented at Linuxcon Europe.
- Are you interested in a 100% Free Software phone? And what phone do
  you use at the moment? Timo Jyrinki has an interesting comment about
  free phones[28].
- Erik Josefsson talked about Free Software tools for the European
  Parliament at FSCONS, now Karsten wrote about it in his blog[29].
- You want to make your own panorama pictures during winter? Michael
  Kesper describes[30]how to do that. While visiting Michael's blog, you
  can also read how to install Debian the easy way[31].
- Kostas Boukouvalas writes[32]about the development in his Greek Free
  Software group from 2007–2011.
- Fellowship representative Hugo Roy explains[33]how to add Duck Duck Go
  as a search engine in Gnome Shell.
- And Nikos Roussos argues[34]: Free Software web applications are not
  not just the future, but they are also cool.

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== Get active: Ensure it is Secure Boot, not Restricted Boot! ==

Microsoft has announced that if computer makers distribute machines with
the Windows 8 compatibility logo, they will have to implement a measure
called "Secure Boot." This measure is meant to increase security on your
computer, but we are very concerned that hardware manufacturers will
implement these boot restrictions in a way that will prevent you from
booting any other operating system than Microsoft Windows. That is why
we ask you for help:

- Participate in the translation of this statement[35]. ( Heiki Ojasild
  gave some good reasons[36]why to join our translators team[37], but
  you can also just send the translation to translators[38]
- Sign the statement[40]yourself, and ask your family, friends,
  colleagues to do the same.

35. https://www.fsf.org/campaigns/secure-boot-vs-restricted-boot/statement
36. http://blogs.fsfe.org/repentinus/english/2011/11/15/estonian-translations-personal-experience-and-an-appeal-for-co-translators/
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38. mailto:translators at fsfeurope.org
39. mailto:translators at fsfeurope.org
40. https://www.fsf.org/campaigns/secure-boot-vs-restricted-boot/statement

Currently 20,562 people have signed the statement, making it clear they
want to have the choice. We need more signatures to send a clear signal
to hardware vendors that they have to enable us to install Free Software
on our computers.

Thanks to all the Fellows[41]and donors[42]who enable our work,
41. http://fellowship.fsfe.org/join
42. donate/thankgnus.en.html

Matthias Kirschner- FSFE

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