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Dear Fellow,

as announced in our February newsletter [1] and as a recent news item [2], in
2016 the FSFE is going to organise its first ever summit that will happen from
September 2nd to 4th in the Berlin Congress Center [3]. We celebrate 15 years
of existence this year and dedicate our summit to you, our community all over
Europe. You are the ones who made us strong. The summit will be free of
admission and highly participatory to let Free Software enthusiasts across
Europe use, study, share and improve their skills and knowledge about Free
Software and beyond - together.

The summit will be full days the weekend of September 3 / 4. One day in
advance, on Friday, FSFE invites to a full day about "Running successful
business with Free Software". For both events we are looking for speakers,
input, volunteers and participants.

Please find all the details about the summit, about proposing talks and
volunteering on our wiki page:


Please share this call on your private and public channels and be aware that
the deadline to apply as a speaker is already May 17!

Thank you very much and looking forward to an interesting event,

   Erik Albers
   Your friendly event organiser

[1] https://fsfe.org/news/nl/nl-201602
[2] https://fsfe.org/news/2016/news-20160428-01
[3] located in the center of Berlin, Germany: http://www.bcc-berlin.de/en

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