[Fellowship-Slovenia] Fwd: Tell us your views on FSFE's mission statement - until 26 October

Matija Šuklje hook at fsfe.org
Tue Oct 21 17:05:43 UTC 2014

Hejhoj vsem,

revidiran draft za FSFE-jev mission statement in še uradna prošnja za 
komentarje sta spodaj.

Zelo bi nam koristil vsakršen feedback – super hvala ☺


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In rem: Tell us your views on FSFE's mission statement - until 26 October
Die et hora: 21. 10. 14 08.19.48
Scripsit: Fellowship of FSFE <fellowship at fsfeurope.org>
Ad: Matija Šuklje <hook at fsfe.org>

Dear Fellows,

many of you have already given us valuable feedback in our last survey
about FSFE's strategy process. Thank you for that! 

We have used this feedback to formulate a new mission statement that
better communicates FSFE's goals and purpose. Today, we want to share
this draft with you, and would like to hear what you think of it! Please
help us to sharpen and polish this text into something that is both
immediately understandable and appealing.

You can help us with suggestions for how to improve it, as well as with
a short emotional statement, such as “this is exciting to read” or “this
doesn't feel quite right”.  

To send us your comments, simply reply to to this message until 26
October 2014. 

## Short version

  FSFE works to put people in Europe in charge of the technology they
  use by promoting software freedom.

## Long version

  Our mission is to empower all people in Europe to use technology for
  their benefit. Digital technology deeply affects our lives. FSFE works
  to ensure that this technology will benefit all of us in the long
  term.  For technology to respect human rights, every individual must
  be able to make self-determined use of technology. This means that
  everyone needs the right to use, to understand, adapt and share

  - We encourage people to use and develop Free Software, and work to
    strengthen users' rights.
  - We help individuals, organisations, and especially the next
    generation to understand how software affects them, so they can
    determine their own path towards freedom, autonomy, and
  - We provide resources to enable a growing base of dedicated persons
    and groups throughout Europe to further Free Software. And
  - we promote and support all aspects of Free Software throughout
    Europe, and act as a hub for others doing the same.

We are very much looking forward to your comments!

With kind regards,
Matthias Kirschner

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