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če bo še kdo na FOSDEM, je zelo dobrodošel na pan-evropski Fellowship sestanek 

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In rem: [Save the date] FOSDEM meeting for all coordinators and active Fellows
Die et hora: 23. 01. 14 15:12:22
Scripsit: Erik Albers <eal at fsfe.org>
Ad: coordinators at lists.fsfe.org

Dear Coordinators,

as previously announced, we will have another European coordinators meeting on
Friday before FOSDEM. Thanks to Mauricio, we now have a meeting room!

	Date & Time: Friday, January 31st, 15 hours
	Location: Place Schuman 11, 1040 Brussels [1]
	Duration: ~ 4 hours

	my phone number (call me for everything): +49 176 960 31 933

[Important 1]: the location is high-class and it needs registration to enter.
So please - everyone who likes to attend - put your name (just your name,
nothing more) in this Etherpad and I will send the list to our host:

[Important 2]: I am sending this mail just to coordinators. However, not only
coordinators are invited to come. Every active Fellow, especially those who
are interested in joining our 2014 European Election project is free to join.
The thing is that space is limited. So I do not like to spread the message on
general FSFE lists to avoid too many people coming that maybe have no real
interest than just hanging around on Friday before FOSDEM. But, of course, if
you know Fellows from your group that are interested, please tell them to
register and to come to the meeting!

[Important 3]: For everyone who is not able to attend the meeting but would
love to do so: A lot of time during FOSDEM, I will be at FSFE's booth that is
in the new building K. We can meet there for questions and answers. If you
come and I am not there, just leave me a message at the booth and I receive it
when I am back.
Additionally, I offer a meeting on Saturday, February 1st, at 16 hours in
front of the cafeteria in between the main building and building K. I can tell
you everything about what we discussed on Friday during the meeting to
everyone who was not able to come.

   1. Meet & Greet, come together (30 minutes)
   2. Presentation of the European Elections Fellowship project (1 hour)
   3. small pausa (15 minutes)
   4. Feedback about the new Fellowship pages & the relaunch of the
      supporters project (45 minutes)
   5. Open Discussion / Open Agenda (1 to 1,5 hours)

= About the Fellowship project =
We will kick-off the European Elections Fellowship project. The idea is to
send a "declaration" to people that run for an office for the European 
The "declaration" will be worked out by the FSFE Team. This "declaration" is a
list of statements, that all ask about politicians will to support Free
Software. Then, politicians that run for an office for the European election
are asked by individual Fellows or Fellowship groups to sign this
"declaration". As their own pay off, they will be listed on our page as
supporter of Free Software. Signed declarations shall be sent to FSFE office,
so we can use it for public awareness for the FSFE and the Fellowship.

I would love to present the details about the project (deadlines, how-to, best
practice etc.) with you during the meeting. In addition, I would love to have
your impact on this project (eg hashtag to use, feedback, experience ...)

= Fellowship pages & Supporter project =
FSFE Staff has put some time in relaunching the Fellowship pages as well as
re-designing the supporters-campaign. We are by now in the middle of the
process, so this is a good time to get feedback from you, what you think about
the changes or what we maybe missed to think about.

= Open Discussion / Open Agenda =
If you have something in mind that has to be discussed, where we need a
decision or what others should know: This is the time for you to put this on
the Agenda. Please tell me beforehand, so I can organize time frames - but you
are also free to put things on the agenda during the meeting.

Best regards and looking forward to see so many of you again,

[1] OSM: http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/2423306203

Some other useful links:
- FOSDEM openstreetmap:
- Public transport in Brussels: http://www.stib.be/index.htm?l=en
- Brussels metro map:
- Noctis*, the night network of the STIB
(*)Noctis contains 11 lines active during the nights of Friday and Saturday,
from midnight to 3 am. The buses leave at the Place de la Bourse, every 30

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