[Fellowship-Slovenia] Use of ODF in Slovenian public admins

Matija Šuklje hook at fsfe.org
Fri Jan 10 12:04:30 UTC 2014

Dear Maël and Basil,

Die 10. 01. 14 et hora 12:20:05 Maël Brunet scripsit:
> Strange, from a cursory review it seems that they support the use of the
> latest version of ODF but only the old binary Microsoft Office formats, not
> OOXML. Would you be able to confirm this?

That is indeed what is says. It explicitly states that the MS Office formats 
have to be compatible with the XP/2003 version or *older*.

It also states that the ODF version should be compatible with ODF 1.2.

Of the top of my head, that might not be a bad move — newer versions of MS 
Office support ODF, so from those users you can just use that.

Interestingly § 5 states that as long as the documents are internally 
circulated, these can be in any format as long as all parties involved agree 
on it.

§ 6 simply states that the status quo in EU is that a consensus is still 
needed between member states and that most used formats are:

 -	ODF (as the candidate for *the* standard format in EU)
 -	PDF
 -	MS Office XP/2003

Hope this helps.

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