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Mogoče kot primer Pingo linux, ki je sicer večino časa samo ždel na računalnikih in ni nikoli bootnil vanj?

Jernej Virag

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ima kdo primere dobre (ali slabe) prakse uporabe FS v slovenskem šolstvu?  
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Hello everyone,  

I had a discussion with an official of the Dutch Ministry of Education  
today, who is writing a Parliamentary report about the use of Free  
Software in the Dutch educational system. He was wondering which were  
the best examples of successful implementations in other European  
countries, most likely to pass those on to the Dutch Parliament.  

I was able to give him some of the obvious examples that he probably  
already knew about, but I was wondering whether the FSFE has some real  
connections to representatives of successful Free Software projects in  
European schools. It's quite clear that my country has a lot to learn,  
and after meeting with this particular official a few months ago, I  
think that he is actually willing to confront our politicians with the  
many flaws in our system.  

It would be great if I could get him in touch with people representing  
successful Free Software solutions in the educational system, or perhaps  
even foreign politicians responsible for decent legislation. His focus  
is primarily on "national and regional policies", but really, anything  
would be useful.  

Met vriendelijke groeten, / With kind regards,  

Kevin Keijzer  

kevin at quietlife.nl / the_unconventional at fsfe.org  


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