[Fellowship-Slovenia] DFD 2012

Andraz Brodnik brodul at gmx.com
Tue Mar 27 17:10:15 UTC 2012

Florian je odgovoril, da bi bil pocescen ce bi lahko kaj povedal. :D

Hi I know you must be busy as hell. 
Would you have time at 3 April at ~ 1810 for a 1 minute IP call to
kiberpipa hackerspace? Just to say hello?
We have a Document freedom day party.

Of course! It's an honour. I can take some more time than just one
minute. :-)

We don't have much content yet. So you could take 15 min or something
like that if you wish.

 15 Minutes? You don't know me yet, hehe. :-) Sure, it's an honour! I'll
make some thoughts up during this week and give you a ping, so you can
let me know if that would fit.

great tnx :D
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