[Fellowship-Slovenia] Fwd: Want to become a compliance volunteer? - First Workshop 13 September / other will follow

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Fri Sep 2 14:03:32 UTC 2011

Tole (kar tut FSFE Legal dela) bi lahko bilo zanimivo za marsikoga :)

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Subject: Want to become a compliance volunteer? - First Workshop 13 
September / other will follow
Date: Friday 02 of September 2011, 15:35:23
From: Fellowship of FSFE <fellowship at fsfeurope.org>
To: Matija Šuklje <hook at fsfe.org>

Dear Fellow,

gpl—violations.org asked us if we can help them with GNU GPL compliance
work. So we agreed that we will try to find volunteers for that. This
means they get a training how to check devices for GPL violations.

What we will do in future is: Buy a device from a vendor where
gpl-violations.org was already in contact with, and who said they will
not do it again. As soon as one of the volunteers find a problem in
there, it will be reported to us and we will give it to
gpl—violations.org again. Usually they would have to pay a fine for the
violation and have to fix it.

In order to train volunteers Armijn (gpl—violations.org) will come to
Berlin on the 13. September and give a one day workshop, including a
introduction by our lawyers.

If you want to participate at this workshop, please let us know, so we
can send you the exact details.

If you are interested to help us with compliance work, please also let
us know so we can plan new workshops. We will try to have more workshops
like that, to make sure companies will be GNU GPL compliant.


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