[Fellowship-Slovenia] I ❤ Free Software pri nas

Matija Šuklje hook at fsfe.org
Wed Jan 26 20:16:56 UTC 2011


valentinovo se bliža in FSFE namerava spet imeti svojo „I ❤ Free Software“ 

Fino bi bilo, če bi se pridružili in še mi kaj naredili takrat! :D

Ideje zaenkrat so:
* vsi to povemo na FSFE strani;
* naredi in pošlje se v objavo na FSFE par slik na katerih se prikaže ljubezen 
do prostega programja (npr. objemanje razvijalca, maskote, rožice okoli 
laptopa itd. itd.)
* vsekakor pa na 14.2. vsi izrazimo to na svojih blogih (npr. s pasicami[1] 
in/ali pisno), mikroblogih (hashtag: #ilovefs) ali fizično z nalepkami ipd.



[1]	Trenutno še vedno aktualna lanska stran:

----------  Posredovano sporočilo  ----------

Zadeva: [Fellowship group task] I love Free Software - Activity for 14. 

Dear Fellowship Group Coordinators,

this year we again want to make a one day campaign, to bring some love
in the world of Free Sotware. For the country teams we would like to
concentrate on one task, we already had last year. But this year we
expect far more pictures. We want many many love declarations to Free
Software on our website !

*Your todo* Every Fellowship Group should make sure to make at least one
picture how they're expressing their feelings for Free Software, and
motive others to do so. It doesn't require much, just some imagination,
taking the picture and publishing it. Send us a lot of pictures so the
little cute GNU feels loved ;)

Here the concrete steps:

- Think about a nice idea how you can express your love to Free Software
  in a picture. (Hugging your computer, a developer, a
  Free Software, a stuffed toy, ...)

- Take the picture (inform us about it and send it to Maëlle)

- On 14th February publish the picture, use the hashtag #ilovefs for the
  blog entry, the microblog entry on identi.ca. (When we see a message
  with #ilovefs we'll publish them on the website, making a gallery of
  expressive Free Software lovers from around the world!)

If you have other ideas how to promote the campaign
http://www.fsfe.org/campaigns/valentine/2010/valentine-2010.en.html feel
free to disucss those ideas here.

I love Free Software ;)

www: http://fsfe.org       █▉   || priv. www: http://matija.suklje.name
e-mail: hook at fsfe.org    █▉█▉█▉ || priv. e-mail: matija at suklje.name
xmpp: hook at jabber.fsfe.org ▉▉   || priv. xmpp: matija.suklje at gabbler.org
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