[Fellowship-Slovenia] Začetek februarja EU parlament o blokiranju interneta!

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On Tue, 2011-01-11 at 23:01 +0100, Matija Šuklje wrote:
> V EU se bo v *začetku* februarja spet odločalo o blokiranju interneta.
> Predlagam, da kdo spiše ali vsaj prevede nek e-mail, da bi ga čim prej
> (vsekakor pa januarja) poslali svojim evroparlamentarcem.
> več o problematiki in kako ukrepati na: 

Jaz sem bil na sestanku okoli tega na 27c3ju prejsni mesec in porocilo
oz. plan akcije, ce koga zanima sodelovati je naslednji:

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From: Axel Arnbak <axel.arnbak at bof.nl>
Subject: Re: 27c3 - workshop on EU-wide data retention campaign
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2011 17:44:22 +0100

Dear friends,

Since my e-mail on new years eve (see below), new volunteers have signed
on to the idea of an EU-wide campaign to stand up against the data
retention directive. Welcome to you all. Let's make it happen in 2011!

First and foremost, we need to come up with a decent (tentative) name
for our Working Group. You can share your ideas here:

I have drafted a rudimentary report of the workshop at 27c3 in Berlin.
It is here we devised the idea of a European Working Group on data
retention, across organizations and cultures and people, for anyone to
join that shares the common goal: to stop data retention in the EU. You
can share your thoughts here:

We have time to get fit for fight on this dossier, but need to prepare
for battle now. Let's get to it.

Looking forward to seeing you on the interwebs, best,


Since last week, I have received some valuable feedback and questions.
Let me address some of those here. Let me be clear: this is just how I
think about it, your input is really appreciated. The aforementioned
etherpads provide an excellent cyberspace for discussion!

Q: Why don't we use household names like AK Vorrat or EDRi as our
A: We hope to create one Working Group on this specific subject on a EU
level. This is a new approach, at least in the field of privacy, but has
already been impressively succesful on a national level, i.e. Germany.
On a broader scale, the campaign against software patents has been

As soon as we use existing initiatives to go by, we risk the public at
large not feeling represented by the campaign. AK Vorrat is a German
initiative and might not appeal to people from other countries and EDRi
a umbrella organization for digital rights movements.

With the new working group, everybody that shares this one goal can

Q: What role will Bits of Freedom play in this process?
A: After facilitating the first few steps (name, domain and wiki), we
decentralize it. Sooner rather than later! The internet enables new
forms of activism, we should experiment and exploit this force of
co-creation, knowledge and lolz :)

Q: Can I spread the idea to other mailing lists full with like-minded
people, fx. indep-hub and ak vorrat?
A: I think we need to come up with a name and a wiki first, then spread
the word. Once the name and forum are in place, we can give it to the
crowd at large. Once again, we should decentralize this campaign asap.

Q: Should we post this at the EDRi-dr mailinglist?
A: Not just now, maybe later. There are quite some (well-meaning)
Commission and even Council bureaucrats on the list, as well as
journalists and political offices. We want to give a well-organized
impression to these people, otherwise we risk not being taken seriously.
Name and rudimentary wiki suffice, in my opinion.

Axel Arnbak
Bits of Freedom

On 12/31/10 5:19 PM, Axel Arnbak wrote:
> Dear friends,
> First of all: thank you! Your creative enthusiasm at the 27c3 data
> retention workshop gave us a boost to set up EU-wide grassroots
> against the 'most invasive privacy instrument in the EU' (says the
> Mr. Peter Hustinx). Now let's put that energy to good use in 2011.
> We hope to follow the AK Vorrat model on a EU-wide scale. So a
> decentralized EU working group, that gathers at a wiki and through a
> mailing list, joining and across existing organisations. It is open to
> every committed citizen and group that shares one common goal:
> against the principle of data retention. 106 organizations have
> done so [1].
> I think we all agreed that we need to develop clear and positive
> language, name it a political frame if you will, to be effective. This
> starts with the name of our working group and the domain name for our
> wiki. You can share your ideas here:
> https://etherpad.foebud.org/nameforcampaign
> The coming days, we will work on setting up a neutral and public wiki
> and mailinglist where we gather information, activities, timelines,
> for our campaign. At the workshop, someone volunteered to help code
> wiki. You are very welcome to get in touch with me :)
> At the workshop, we promised to send you some references:
> - Short summary of the workshop:
> https://etherpad.foebud.org/dataretentionworkshop. Input more than
> welcome!;
> - Our report from the DR-conference in Brussels on 3 december [2] -
> including our keynote lecture in which we elaborate the EDRi position.
> This  report gives you a quick overview of recent developments and the
> positions of various stakeholders in the debate;
> - Our two blogs from 27c3 [3] - which include the sheets from our
> lecture on day 1. I just learned there is also a video available [4].
> Also on behalf of Ralf Bendrath, Kasia Schmielewicz and Patrick
> we wish you a very special 2011 - a pivotal year for internet
> And hope to see you sooner rather than later!
> Axel
> -
> Axel Arnbak
> Bits of Freedom
> +31(0)624534440
> twitter.com/bitsoffreedom
> https://www.bof.nl/doe-mee/
> https://www.bof.nl/live/wp-content/uploads/PGP-Axel.zip
> [1] 106 organizations join forces to campaign against data retention:
> http://www.vorratsdatenspeicherung.de/content/view/370/79/lang,en/
> [2] Our report from the data retention conference on 3 december in
> [3] 27c3 blogs:
> [4] video data retention lecture edri at 27c3:
> http://www.vorratsdatenspeicherung.de/content/view/415/1/lang,de/

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