[Fellowship-Slovenia] FSFE Projekt: reklamiranje prostih pregledovalnikov PDF v državni in javni upravi

Matija Šuklje hook at fsfe.org
Wed Sep 8 15:56:48 UTC 2010

FSFE pripravlja projekt s katerim bi državno in javno upravo opozorili, da 
promovirajo zaprte programe za branje uradnih dokumentov v odprtih formatih 

Na kratko bi šlo tako:
1.) vsakdo (kot posameznik ali skupina) bi lahko na „objavil napako“ na strani 
projekta, ko najde spletno stran državne ali javne uprave (kjerkoli iz EU), ki 
promovira zaprte pregledovalnike PDF
1.1.) bo tudi nagrada za najbolj aktivne ;)
2.) FSFE in pomočniki (glej 1.) bodo obvestili te institucije ter jim tudi 
posredovali obrazloženo peticijo.

Skratka nekaj, kar bi zelo pomagalo in nam hkrati ne bi vzelo veliko časa in 
truda. Če je komu dolgčas med učenjem, naj poišče par takih strani in jih 


Več o projektu spodaj:

----------  Posredovano sporočilo  ----------

Zadeva: Which group will participate in "non-free software advertisement free 
governmental websites"?
Datum: sreda 8. septembra 2010 15:38:18
Od: Matthias Kirschner <mk at fsfe.org>
Za:  coordinators at lists.fsfe.org
Kp: pdfreaders at lists.fsfe.org

Hello Coordinators,

  (This Campaign is not yet public, so please do not yet write about it
  outside your Fellowship groups.)

What would you think about a sign on your highway saying "You need a
Mercedes to drive on this road. Contact your Merceds shop for gratis
test drives -- Your Government". Well in a way lot of governments do it.

During the last weeks Maëlle, Alex, and Reinhard worked hard on our new
campaign. The goal is to build awareness that government websites do
advertisement for non-free pdf readers. But we need you to participate!

= The Campaign =

The draft of the page is already online on
<http://www.fsfe.org/campaigns/pdfreaders/>, we are still improving it.
The general idea is to organize a _two-waves-event_: the first part
consisting in a contest, where Fellows, Fellowship groups country-team,
and other volunteer will search governmental website for non-free pdf
reader advertisment and submit those bugs on the website. This can be
done alone or as a group, and we will reward the most active ones with a

In the second part, we and the participants will contact the authorities
and inform them about the "bugs" on their website, including the
petition from people who also think this are serious bugs

= Your part =

We need your group to help with this activity! This adverstisements for
Adobe, Foxit and other PDF non-free readers are everywhere. Help us to
find them and fix it. You can already inform Fellows in your group about
the campaign and ask them if they would like to participate as a group
in the bug hunt. The best group will also receive a gift present from

Next steps:

- Finish news item and the corresponding petition and translate them
- Publish them on September 13th asking the public and Fellows to
  participate in the bug hunt which will last until the 17th October
- Publish PR about the results of the bug hunt and the current status of
  the petition
- In November we and participants of the bug hunt will send letters to
  the administrations including the petition. 
- In December we will publish the results of the fixing phase, this will
  be combined with a call for donations and an outlook to DFD

Please let us know if your group will participate in the bug hunt and
fix :)


PS: I will also contact all people who said they would like to
  coordinate a Fellowship group if they want to start with this activity

Matthias Kirschner - Fellowship Coordinator, German Coordinator
Free Software Foundation Europe (fsfe.org)
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