[Fellowship-Slovenia] Fwd: Fellowship Jabber Meeting: ACTA and its impact on Free Software

Matija Šuklje hook at fsfe.org
Tue Jun 1 15:32:05 UTC 2010

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Zadeva: Fellowship Jabber Meeting: ACTA and its impact on Free Software
Datum: torek 1. junija 2010
Od: Fellowship of FSFE <fellowship at fsfeurope.org>
Za: Matija Šuklje <hook at fsfe.org>

Dear Fellows,

due to recent development in the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
(ACTA) we decided to have a Jabber Meeting to discuss its impact on Free
Software. We will talk about why this agreement might pose a threat to
Free Software, about the current situation in so-called "intellectual
property rights" and the changes ACTA will bring. Everybody who would
like to ask her questions about ACTA or FSFE's position on this issue is
invited to our next Jabber Meeting. The meeting is going to take place
in our fellowship chat room on Wednesday, *23rd June at 20:00* CEST. We
are looking forward to your questions and discussion.

For further information take a look at this short ACTA analysis: 

Similar information in German will soon be available in this blog: 

Start*: 2010-06-23 20:00h*

End: *2010-06-23 22:00h*

Title: ACTA and its impact on Free Software

Location: online at conference.jabber.fsfe.org, room "fellowship" at 20:00

Attendees: Hugo Roy, Julia Klein, Torsten Grote and all Fellows interested


= How to participate in the Jabber meeting =

- login with your jabber account (see Jabber Howto 
- Join the multi user chat (MUC) room "fellowship" at the server
- Ask your questions

We encourage you to test connecting to the MUC before the actual meeting
so you can contact us via fellowship at fsfeurope.org in case you have any

All the best,
Julia Klein

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