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Hi all,

* Adriaan de Groot <groot at fsfeurope.org> [090904 14:16]:
> Hi all,
> I was looking at the FSCONS schedule ( http://fscons.org/schedule ) and I saw 
> that there is a whole half day booked for FSFE -- with no content yet. That's 
> independent, too, of Karsten's talk at the conference. I suppose he submitted 
> that talk before he became president of FSFE. So there's plenty of scope for 
> us to present there, but nothing filled in yet.
> Who of us (could be team, ftf or someone from the Swedish list) is leading the 
> coordination of the content in that track? I can give one of my legal talks, 
> of course, either dry or more community-oriented, and I could talk about FTF 
> business support, but that doesn't fill a whole morning. I could fill an 
> additional hour with one of my other hats on, but that doesn't really fit in an 
> FSFE track. What other content should we offer to FSCONS?
The coordination is mainly done my Matthias and me, and I think at the
moment we have (IIRC) three things to put in there. We will have a
Fellowship card workshop (which I will hold), a talk about
pdfreaders.org and a third thing Matthias couldn't remember during our
last phone call (I guess he will post it in his follow-up to this mail).
I'm not sure how much time these things will take, but I think a short
introduction to legal aspects of Free Software (community-oriented would
fit the audience better I guess) would be nice and could fit in the schedule.


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