[Fsfe-se] FSCONS planning

Adriaan de Groot groot at fsfeurope.org
Fri Sep 4 14:15:33 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I was looking at the FSCONS schedule ( http://fscons.org/schedule ) and I saw 
that there is a whole half day booked for FSFE -- with no content yet. That's 
independent, too, of Karsten's talk at the conference. I suppose he submitted 
that talk before he became president of FSFE. So there's plenty of scope for 
us to present there, but nothing filled in yet.

Who of us (could be team, ftf or someone from the Swedish list) is leading the 
coordination of the content in that track? I can give one of my legal talks, 
of course, either dry or more community-oriented, and I could talk about FTF 
business support, but that doesn't fill a whole morning. I could fill an 
additional hour with one of my other hats on, but that doesn't really fit in an 
FSFE track. What other content should we offer to FSCONS?

  []   Adriaan de Groot
[][][] Freedom Task Force, Free Software Foundation Europe
  ||   http://blogs.fsfe.org/adridg/

Free Software Foundation Europe e.V. is a German Verein registered at
the Registergericht Hamburg (VR 17030). Its president is Karsten
Gerloff. For more information on FSFE, see http://fsfe.org.
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