[Fsfe-se] Jabber official meeting

Henrik Sandklef sandklef at fsfeurope.org
Thu Aug 23 13:10:32 CEST 2007

Sicknes at home. Short answers, will do my best

Jeremiah Foster skrev:
> On Aug 22, 2007, at 5:15 PM, Henrik Sandklef wrote:

>> Can anyone without a proven skill get inside Debian?
> No.

Same for FSFE.

> conference. But it is unlikely that someone like that would get  
> involved in the first place, which I think is your point.

So you likely have to have proven skills.

Same for FSFE.

>>> I will continue to participate with the
>>> FSFE but I have never seen a Fellow of the FSFE at any FSFE meeting
>>> (side from yourself) and Jonas.
>> I have.

> snip

> I cannot tell the difference between a fellow and a non-fellow at the  
> meetings, or anywhere else.

OK. How did you know then?  :)

> The meetings have always been open to  
> all. I want them to remain that way, including Jabber.

All meetings will remain as they are.

> But now they will just be for fellows, at least on Jabber.Why this
> change in policy?

We're looking at other ways for this meeting. You just agreed to using
IRC on another channel.

>>> Debian is free as in
>>> beer to use and join.
>> OK, I didn't know that. I thought it was hard to get in and do for
>> example work on their softwares
> Yes of course, but still, if you have the competency, you get in  
> without having to pay money.

To join the Fellowship you have to pay.

To join FSFE you don't have to pay.

> But it is the fellowship that gets the special perks, the meetings on  
> Jabber for example. So you cannot get 'real' membership in the FSFE
> without paying.

To join the Fellowship you have to pay.

To join FSFE you don't have to pay.

>> There are other ways of influencing FSFE. Emails are one them.  
>> Attending
>> meetings another. Helping out with work yet another. Sponsorship even
>> yet another.
> I have done all of those things, yet cannot participate in the Jabber
> meeting.

Fellowship meetings are for fellows.

If you want to influence FSFE* you are free to use phone, email.

*) you are influencing FSFE right now.

>>> In fact, I would make the argument that the FSFE is just a 
>>> branch of the FSF
>>> and takes its marching orders from Boston.

>> Those are strong words. You are, of course, free to make that  
>> argument.
> I agree, they are strong words, but this is the appearance from the  
> outside.

I think that this is the way you see it, not necessarily "the  appearance".

> Lets face it, Richard Stallman has a strong personality - I would  
> argue that you would have to have a strong personality to do what he  
> does. But there are other voices in the Free Software world, Linus  
> Torvalds for example, and perhaps the FSFE might act as a counter  
> weight to some of the more extreme, and damaging, opinions and  
> policies from Mr. Stallman.

FSFE works to promote Free Software.

>> All the FSFs out there (Latin America, India, North America,  
>> Europe) are
>> different organisations that, of course, synchronise every now and  
>> then.
>> We all share the same goals.
> But different how?
> Where are the concrete differences? 
Different legal bodies. Different boards.
... different continents where we do our work.

> Can the FSFE  
> make a decision that contradicts the FSF?
Yes, but i'd prefere to sync....

> What if the FSFE hired Eben  
> Moglen for example?
We can hire the people we'd like to work with.


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