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Jeremiah Foster jeremiah at jeremiahfoster.com
Tue Aug 21 14:25:15 CEST 2007

On 8/21/07, Irina Dzhambazova <irina at fsfeurope.org> wrote:
> Dear Swedish fellows,
> in an attempt to make the Free Software Fellowship in Sweden a more
> democratic and homogeneous community

But not the Free Software community at large? Just the Fellowship?

we would like to set up an
> official online meeting within the Fellowship's Jabber chat room
> fsfe at conference.jabber.fsfe.org set for the last Friday of
> the month. This will be a special session only for the Swedish members
> in order to help us get to know each other better for a more effective
> cooperation and a more active role of the fellowship in the decision
> making process.

Will there be a session for those of us who want to remain outside the

Proposals for items on the agenda and topics to
> be discussed in the monthly official sessions will be open to the whole
> community do decide.
> The first official meeting will take place on August 31st , at 14.00.
> Although the agenda will be decided by everybody and everybody is
> welcome to propose items for it, we have worked out a preliminary
> agenda for the first meeting. it is as follows:
> Start: 14.00
> Everybody can join an hour earlier, at 13.00 for introduction of FSFE
> and fellows.
> First topic: general questions about the jabber chatroom session
> procedures, decision making process and winter conference.
> Second: explanation and call for volunteers for the different teams
> within the organisation of the winter conference:
> - web administration - 2 people

Count me in! I would like to volunteer for the web site.

- on-site staff - 12 people

I am happy to help out here as well.

- graphic design for materials - 3 people
> - video shooting - 5 people

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