[Fsfe-se] Jabber official meeting

Irina Dzhambazova irina at fsfeurope.org
Tue Aug 21 13:31:07 CEST 2007

Dear Swedish fellows,

in an attempt to make the Free Software Fellowship in Sweden a more
democratic and homogeneous community we would like to set up an
official online meeting within the Fellowship's Jabber chat room
fsfe at conference.jabber.fsfe.org set for the last Friday of
the month. This will be a special session only for the Swedish members
in order to help us get to know each other better for a more effective
cooperation and a more active role of the fellowship in the decision
making process. Proposals for items on the agenda and topics to
be discussed in the monthly official sessions will be open to the whole
community do decide.

The first official meeting will take place on August 31st , at 14.00.

Although the agenda will be decided by everybody and everybody is
welcome to propose items for it, we have worked out a preliminary
agenda for the first meeting. it is as follows:

Start: 14.00
Everybody can join an hour earlier, at 13.00 for introduction of FSFE
and fellows.

First topic: general questions about the jabber chatroom session
procedures, decision making process and winter conference.

Second: explanation and call for volunteers for the different teams
within the organisation of the winter conference:

- web administration - 2 people
- on-site staff - 12 people
- graphic design for materials - 3 people
- video shooting - 5 people

Third - suggestions and discussions for new topics and speakers for
the conference

Fourth - short explanation and general questions on the award

Fifth - discussion on procedures how to make nominations and/or be
part of the jury

Sixth -  decision on a deadline for submitting nominations

Seventh - open for any questions that might appear from now until the
date of the meeting. if you have any please submit them at
irina at fsfeurope.org until the end of the working day on August 30th.

If you have trouble with setting up the jabber session, follow this

We hope you welcome this idea and will become part of a more proactive
and organized fellowship.

If you are not an official fellow yet, this can be a very good start up
reason to become one.

Best wishes,

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