[Fsfe-se] Översättning av engelsk text på "DRM-leaflet"

Henrik Sandklef sandklef at fsfeurope.org
Fri Oct 20 11:40:23 CEST 2006

Henrik Sandklef wrote:
> Hejsan
>  är det någon som kan ta på sig att översätta (till svenska så klart!)
> den leaflet som tagits fram kring DRM.

Tja, jag kan ju göra det :)

Jag är nästan färdig. Kommer med utkast för granskning asap.

> /hesa
>  Engelsk test:
> ==
> DRM: Digital Restrictions on you
> Take a moment to understand how your digital future is being compromised.
> Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) is a technology increasingly built
> into all sorts of electronic devices, including computers, media
> players, mobile phones and video games.  It means you can only access
> your data with the permission of a third-party vendor.
> You lose control with DRM
> The basic function of Digital Restrictions Management is to give the
> vendor control over what you can or cannot do with the technology you
> own.  They watch what you do and compromise your privacy.
> Your security is compromised with DRM
> Digital Restrictions Management excludes you from the security of your
> electronic devices.  You are not trusted to decide how the equipment
> should work and because of this you face unknown security risks.
> You will lose your data with DRM
> Digital Restrictions Management means your music, videos and data will
> expire.  The infrastructure to support DRM costs a lot to be maintained.
>  Once vendors stop spending money on maintenance your music, videos and
> data will become inaccessible.
> You are the enemy for DRM
> For Digital Restrictions Management you are the enemy: you are
> considered the main threat to the security of your electronic devices
> and the data contained on them.
> DRM is bad for authors and artists
> Digital Restrictions Management will increase the dependency of artists
> and authors on the providers of distribution channels. Forty prominent
> members of the Swiss art scene have stated that DRM limits their
> artistic freedom (www.kunstfreiheit.ch).
> To find out more about Digital Restrictions Management, visit DRM.info
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