[Fsfe-se] Översättning av engelsk text på "DRM-leaflet"

Henrik Sandklef sandklef at fsfeurope.org
Thu Oct 5 23:04:52 CEST 2006


 är det någon som kan ta på sig att översätta (till svenska så klart!)
den leaflet som tagits fram kring DRM.


 Engelsk test:


DRM: Digital Restrictions on you

Take a moment to understand how your digital future is being compromised.

Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) is a technology increasingly built
into all sorts of electronic devices, including computers, media
players, mobile phones and video games.  It means you can only access
your data with the permission of a third-party vendor.

You lose control with DRM

The basic function of Digital Restrictions Management is to give the
vendor control over what you can or cannot do with the technology you
own.  They watch what you do and compromise your privacy.

Your security is compromised with DRM

Digital Restrictions Management excludes you from the security of your
electronic devices.  You are not trusted to decide how the equipment
should work and because of this you face unknown security risks.

You will lose your data with DRM

Digital Restrictions Management means your music, videos and data will
expire.  The infrastructure to support DRM costs a lot to be maintained.
 Once vendors stop spending money on maintenance your music, videos and
data will become inaccessible.

You are the enemy for DRM

For Digital Restrictions Management you are the enemy: you are
considered the main threat to the security of your electronic devices
and the data contained on them.

DRM is bad for authors and artists

Digital Restrictions Management will increase the dependency of artists
and authors on the providers of distribution channels. Forty prominent
members of the Swiss art scene have stated that DRM limits their
artistic freedom (www.kunstfreiheit.ch).

To find out more about Digital Restrictions Management, visit DRM.info

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