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Sven Krewitt deadbob at web.de
Wed Mar 9 00:11:07 CET 2005

--On 03/08/05 21:12:46 +0100 Karl Jonsson wrote:

>> Given that 10 EUR per month translates to ~1 pizza or a few beers in
>> most countries, it does not seem a very steep price, to be honest.
>> If you individually think that you cannot pay this, then there is the
>> reduced rate -- and we will simply assume that you will be honest
>> about whether or not you can pay the full price or not.
> Is there a monthly payment option? This was unclear from looking at the
> web pages without actually signing up (a week or so ago...). For many of
> us, that would make this problem go away. I would  hardly notice a
> monthly fee of 5-10 EUR but paying it all at once would be painful. I've
> been paying the FSF for my Associate Membership in this way for years now.

Hi all,

I agree with Karl's opinion that a monthly fee is 'easier' to calculate 
with. For me as a student I hesitated signing up due to the 'high' costs at 
first. If I had the option of ~5-10 EUR per month for a fellowship, I think 
I would have signed up already.

Then I would try to omit ~1 pizza each month. But it's harder (at least for 
me) to omit ~12 pizzas in one month ;-)

So maybe someone can say something about the payment methods? I'm 
interested in that topic, too.

kind regards,

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