[Fsfe-se] Sweden report

Mathias Klang klang at informatik.gu.se
Fri Mar 4 07:28:26 CET 2005

Hi Christiane,
Just a short note to let you know how the progress in Sweden is getting 

I have now reviewed the earlier progress and collected an initial group 
of people to collaborate closely on the project. The next stage will be 
starting soon were we will conduct a public discussion via email list. 
At present we are collecting names of individuals and groups to invite 
to the discussion (however it will be open to everyone who wants to join).

We hope all this will lead up to a second draft of the lisence in July. 
With a review of this review in July/August (but we have to be careful 
since this is summer and many people are away so we may have a longer 
review period so many can join in). This means that we have the human 
readable texts being developed in August  together with the  porting 
process. This means that we will be ready for the launch in 

We have also been discussing the launch and publicity - we have lots of 
ideas but I will save those until later.



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