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Thu Apr 10 16:58:53 CEST 2008

  ``Many panelists and participants expressed the view that software and
    Internet patents are impeding innovation.  They stated that such patents
    are impairing follow-on incentives, increasing entry barriers, creating
    uncertainty that harms incentives to invest in innovation, and producing
    patent thickets.''

The conclusion listed no redeeming qualities for software patents.

> > Last September, we were pleased that Ireland's MEPS, along with the maj=
>                                                      ^
>                                                   MEPs


(and fixed "Europes" -> "Europe's", thanks malcolm)

> Also, would it be worth pointing out that the draft for discussion got
> rid of many of the safeguards created by the EP amendments?

I'm not familiar enough with the draft for discussion - but I do know the
parliaments version is good, so I just asked them to go back to that.

I'm getting ready to send.  Any final comments should cc me as there is some
kind of delay in the fsfe-ie mails.

Ciar=E1n O'Riordan
Irish Free Software Organisation:

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