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Joseph Kiniry joseph.kiniry at ucd.ie
Tue Jan 17 11:29:03 CET 2006

Recently, the attached email was posted on the CyberLaw mailing  
list.  Several online courses on copyright law are being made  
available by a site copyrightlaws.com.

It looks like the author of these online courses, Lesley Ellen  
Harris, is a copyright lawyer in Canada that is the founder of  

Performing a few Google searches for keywords important to us (e.g.,  
GPL, creative commons, etc.) combined with their site sees no hits.

It seems to me if a company exists only to educate C?Os about  
copyright issues they should provided a balanced view of the topic,  
unless they are just a shill, of course.

Joseph Kiniry
School of Computer Science and Informatics
UCD Dublin

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(Cross-posted; please excuse duplication.)

Author, educator and copyright lawyer, Lesley Ellen
Harris, is offering a variety of online courses on
copyright, licensing and managing copyright and
digital content this Spring and she has asked me to
post this notice on her behalf.

For further information, email:
seminars at copyrightlaws.com, or see:

A quick summary of the schedule:

Primer courses on Canadian and US copyright law begin
January 23rd as condensed courses with 16 lessons
completed in 5 weeks. These courses are again offered
as an 8 week version from March 6th to April 28th.  A
primer course on international copyright law is
offered from May 1st until May 19th.

Advanced courses on Digital Content Management and
Managing Copyright Issues will begin March 6th and
will last for 8 weeks until April 28th. They are again
offered May 1st until June 23rd.  An advanced course
on Digital Licensing is offered from May 1st until
June 30th.


amritha at copyrightslaws.com

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