[Fsfe-ie] Any businesses there got quotes for a GPLv3 PR? (+ notes on PR content)

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at fsfe.org
Fri Jan 13 17:39:06 CET 2006

For a press release on Monday about the GPLv3, it would be good to have a
quote or two from any Irish businesses who are using the GPL or a lot of
GPL'd software.

If any business owners/managers feel like saying something along these

 "Our businsess is based on software that is mostly licensed under the GNU
  GPL.  The GNU GPL makes a level playing field for businesses and we're
  looking forward to participating in the public process of reviewing it."


 "The GNU GPL is the cornerstone software license of businesses like ours
  which are based on Free Software.  It ensures that we can commercialise
  our activities and build value on top of existing software and that we are
  free to innovate where our customers want.  I don't expect any changes in
  the goal of the GNU GPL, but I look forward to the year-long review of
  possible improvements".

Let us know.

Most of the press release can be written before seeing a copy of the GPL:

* The GPL is a license that guarantees freedom, a level playing field, equal
  access, no barriers to entry for development or distribution of the software

* The GPL is by far the most widely used free software license

* The GPL has to work across national and continental borders and has been
  held up in court

* It is being updated so as to do the same thing it's always done, but the
  current legal and technical environment, which is different from 15 years
  ago, means a review is timely

* We're very happy that this version can be written in a process which
  includes Irish stakeholders

* The document being released is only a draft for public comment, it is
  not final and there will be a year-long consultation - the launch is for
  the consultation process and a draft, not for the actual license.

We don't know at what time the draft will be available, but probably around
evening time in Ireland.

I've added some more to the gplv3 webpage:

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