[Fsfe-ie] McCreevy sees anti-s/w-pat-movement as anti-globalisation/anti-American

Alex Macfie alex at cgce.net
Wed Jul 6 09:14:31 CEST 2005

On Jul 05, 2005, at 22:12, Malcolm Tyrrell wrote:

> And it looks like he'll reject any amendments:
> http://www.eupolitix.com/EN/News/200507/5d049d10-690a-4977-b116 
> -4295c1a42937.htm
> It also looks like the pro-patent lobby may push for a rejection of
> the draft (which is bad):

No, it's good. The proposal isn't perfect, and it's going to be  
rejected by the Council anyway. It also shows that the pro-swpat lobby  
are running scared --- they know they can't win this.

So if the directive falls at the first hurdle of the vote, we can claim  

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