[Fsfe-ie] Theo de Raadt wins Free Software Award

David Cathcart david at cathcart.cx
Mon Feb 28 10:36:37 CET 2005

Theo de Raadt has won the FSF's Free Software award.
(http://www.fsf.org/news/fsaward2004.html) He, and two other OpenBSD
devolopers, will be giving talks in Dublin this week. Wednesday in UCD,
Thursday in Trinity and Friday in Maynooth. If anyone's interested in
coming along they are more than welcome. Info follows.

David C.


The UCD Internet Society is proud to present a series of public talks by the
people who bring you OpenBSD, OpenSSH, OpenBGPd and OpenNTPd. These guys are
well known around the world for their multiple contributions to the security
and networking domains. Their software is used in products from many high
profile companies, such as Sun Microsystems, IBM, Microsoft and Cisco.

This is a rare chance to get to see their presentations and ask them your own
questions in Ireland. Certainly not to be missed by anybody who has an interest
in networking or security! Tell everyone you know, friends don't let friends
miss an event of this calibre.

The talks are: 
    * Theo de Raadt  - Exploit Mitigation; reducing vulnerabilities to stop
                       crackers in their tracks.
    * Henning Brauer - OpenBGPd; industrial strength routing, pro-actively
    * Ryan McBride   - Network Randomness; predictability is bad, how to reduce
                     - PF; highly advanced packet filtering.

The talk will take place in Theatre M in the UCD Arts Block, starting at 18:30
Wednesday the 2nd of March 2005. We will be holding a reception after the talks

The talk is FREE and open to everybody.

Map: http://www.ucd.ie/maps/ucd_campus2005_buildingsversion.jpg

Directions: UCD is located on the N11. From the city centre buses 10,
46A and 11B will take you to UCD. The 10 will bring you closest. The 10 
stops at point 27 on the map, the 11b at point 49, and the 46A across
the road from point 1. Coming via Dart, get off at Blackrock and take 
the 17 bus which will stop at point 27. The talks will be in the Arts 
block (also known as the John Henry Newman Building) which is building 
14 on the map. Theatre M is on the right as you come in the main 
entrance (follow the coloured lines). 

More details on the event can be found at:

The OpenBSD project website is:

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