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Subject: Re: artwork: Ireland.NET - MCGreedy Edition
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 20:01:55 +0100
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niclas wrote:
> http://swpat.datenritter.net/cgi-bin/sitexplorer.cgi?

That would be a good one if it came from Irish swpat opponents...
Coming from
outside, it is dangerous. As IN-TEC said: Easy to be
misunderstood. From
outside Ireland, we must take care to talk _with_ Irish people
rather than
_about_ them.

However, we should contact some Irish website to host your
artwork, carefully
prepared by an introduction about McCreevy's role in all that. I
http://www.linux.ie would be a good start; they are reporting
about the swpat
affair, and they're obviously on our side.

Sören, niclas: Would you like me to contact them?



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