[Fsfe-ie] Letter to Creevy

Malcolm Tyrrell malcohol at eircom.net
Tue Feb 15 17:34:56 CET 2005

> The costs of patent searches and the possible cost of litigation, whether
> the litigators claim is valid or not, are too high for all individuals
> and most businesses.

That should probably be "any individual".

> In software writing, the introduction of patents would not just raise
> the barrier to entry, it would create a barrier where previously there
> was none.

I don't think you can get away with "software writing". It just sounds too
artificial. How about: "For those writing software, the introduction..."

You could claim that Microsoft's threat is a bluff, using the reasoning you
gave before (I missed it on the first reading of your last post). The main
point is that it doesn't matter where R&D is performed with respect to these
patents. Are we sure about the validity of the reports about the threat,

Good luck,


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