[Fsfe-ie] Minutes 2004-08-27

Glenn Strong Glenn.Strong at cs.tcd.ie
Thu Jul 29 20:02:05 CEST 2004

Minutes from the follow-up meeting, held in Mahaffey's pub, 2004-08-27.

  Aidan Delaney
  Malcolm Tyrrell
  Glenn Strong
  Ciaran O'Riordan
  David Cathcart
  Teresa Hackett
  Ben North
  Conor Nash

* Recognising donors: mail donors to determine whether they want to be
  anonymous. Rather than acknowledging specific amounts we will group
  donations into bands. The only bands that were discussed so far were
  up to 1000 Euro, and above 1000 Euro.

* We want a letterhead. It was agreed to ask on-list for a volunteer
  or volunteers to take responsibility for producing one.

* Software freedom day:
  Several events were discussed, and it was decided to pursue the idea
  of a social event to promote free software. Renting a room, and
  circulating invitations to ILUG and similar places. We will try to
  combine this with a showing of "Revolution OS", and possibly a table
  quiz if prizes can be arranged. David agreed to make initial
  enquiries after a venue.

* Malcolm will continue to explore the T-Shirts discussions. Ben North
  suggested an embroidered logo style rather than a printed one.

Glenn Strong

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