[Fsfe-ie] issues to be raised at next meeting

Ciaran O'Riordan coriordan at compsoc.com
Thu Jul 8 04:53:02 CEST 2004

I know I'm twelve days early, but I want to collect topics to be discussed
at the next IFSO meeting.  Some of these are long overdue:

Policy for thanking donors
  publish names by default or anonymous by default?
  publish amounts?  Where on the website? (top of ifso.ie/people.html?)

Publishing financial data
  Is it ok to leave this to the end of the year, or should it be
  constantly published on the website?

What should we do for Software Freedom Day?
  Fly a speaker over?  Georg Greve?

What other events should IFSO organise?
  More talks?  an install fest?  other/what?

How does IFSO increase membership?
  All meeting attenders have become members, and only 1
  non-attender has become a member, so how do we make it easier
  for people to transfer the cash.

Should IFSO have a "Principles of IFSO signatories list" (POISL)?
  This is my own idea: like a petition.  Our membership is small (12?),
  but we represent a large number of people.  If we had a POISL,
  people could register as being an IFSO supporter without having
  to foot a bill, or arrange transferring cash.

Where is the patents issue at?

Where's the EUCD at?

Where's the Irish implementation of the IRPE?

What's the deal with that WIPO broadcast flag treaty?

I'm not saying there are answers to all these questions, but
they'll be asked anyway.  What else do people want raised?

Ciarán O'Riordan
Free Software in Ireland: http://ifso.ie

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