[Fsfe-ie] Enforcement directive-draft IFSO letter

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Sun Jan 25 23:26:58 CET 2004

Dear Bernhard and co,

Bernhard Kaindl <bernhard.kaindl at gmx.de> wrote:

1)I'm not an expert for this directive and other groups may have other or additonal ideas, but I would like to ask if it's ok to use it as a base for a letter, e.g. by FFII (http://ffii.org)?
>For me it's fine, but perhaps the board could confirm!

2)The Draft Agenda for the main February Plenary Session is public now and the Debate and Vote of the 1st Reading of the IPR-Enforcement Report has been put on this agenda:
>Thanks for this. So it looks as if the debate will take place on 9.2.2004 and the vote on 25.2.2004. Deadline for amendments is 5.2.2004 at 12.00. It would be great to do an action towards MEPs, I'm seeing if any others e.g. EDRI, BEUC are doing anything as well.
The draft letter is addressed to the Council, which is a seperate, but related process, and their text is worse than the Parliament. But I am sure that the Art 20 criminal provisions will be tabled for amendment in Parliament, so it is very important that MEPs do not vote for this. This week I am meeting with the board of the national association of Irish ISPs, I hope that they can have some influence.

Thanks for re-formatting the text. It will be more readable when online of course.


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