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Hallo Adam & list,

The key dates for the Presidency are:
1. 11.3.2004 Political agreement & possible adoption of IPRE directive. 
2. 17-18.5.2004 Political agreement on the software patents directive.
Lobbying prior to these dates essential.
In between, there are the meetings of the COREPER IP working group (the national level civil servants) who are thrashing out the amendments/compromises to the text. I have heard that 11.3.2004 for agreement on the IPRE directive is ambitious as there is still a lot to be done e.g. there's a tri-partite meeting on 20.1.2004 between the Council, the Commission and the Parliament. Parliament plan to vote on their amendments on 9.2.2004, but this could slip to March.
3.14-15.3.2004. Conference on Consumer Confidence in the European online marketplace. I'll find out more about this next week, could be interesting if it includes copyright. Might be a counter event to the conference below.
4.21-22.6.2004. Copyright conference, TBC. The Commission organise a big copyright conference every two years (I posted info on this previously). This year, they have no money, so it looked as if it would be cancelled, until an organisaion stepped into the breach. It will be decided over the next few weeks if the conference goes ahead or not. At the best of times, this conference is rightholder oriented, so it would be important that the agenda and participants represent a range of interests and that it doesn't become a cosy European WIPO type event...I'm following it up.


Adam Moran <adam at diamat.org.uk> wrote:

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> Hi Ciaran, Hi List
> I've converted pages 14 of the Competiveness Council Priority Paper in 
> to HTML, to get my head around some kind of time-table. I know we'll 
> have to cook stuff on the fly but wonder if you know of any important 
> dates / events for which we need prepare ?
> The last event listed is the Copyright Conference and is not until 
> 21/22-06-04. Is this event planned as a pre or post directive 
> enforcement conference for instance. I know that you are pushed out 
> producing content - If you put the key dates on-list, I'll do the HTML.

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